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Black Friday at Laurie’s

Thanksgiving Day is for watching football and eating turkey. The day after, and day after that, are for savings, savings and more savings at Laurie’s. Come on down Black Friday and Saturday, November 25 and 26 for delightful deals across the shop. New holiday décor is veritably exploding throughout the store, just waiting for you […]

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Rules for the Perfect Thanksgiving Table

There’s more to a perfect Thanksgiving table than juicy turkey and plenty of pumpkin pie. You want your guests to feel warm. Welcome. And totally wowed at the gathering you put together. That’s where all those itsy-bitsy details you may never even think about come in. And just so you know, we think about them all the […]

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Magnolia Home Rugs by Joanna Gaines at Laurie’s

We admit it. We’re rug nerds. We revel in our rug love. You can revel in it, too, at our first-ever, brand new rug launch. The Magnolia Home Collection by Joanna Gaines Sat. Nov. 5, Sun Nov. 6 All day long at Laurie’s If you, too, are a rug nerd, you’ve heard of Joanna. She’s […]

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Halloween Tea – October 29th

Kiddie tea parties are cute. Buckingham Palace tea parties are probably stuffy as all get out. And Laurie’s Halloween Tea? Well, that’s just something you don’t want to miss. Why not? Because you know Laurie. And that means you know she’s brewing up all kinds of creepy, crafty and perhaps even crazy things to celebrate […]

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Join Us for our Christmas Open House – November 5th & 6th

Christmas in July is so over-played. How about Christmas in November? Make that November 5 and November 6 to be exact. All day. Laurie’s. Christmas Spirit Don’t be that tacky holiday host who pulls out the same-old, tired Christmas décor year after year after year. Please don’t. It’s so mundane. Even the grandkids are bored […]

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Laura’s Halloween Home Tour

Mesmerized. That’s a good word. And that’s exactly what happens to people when they drop by Laura’s house to check out her Halloween décor. You remember Laura. She’s our fall decorative tray master here at Laurie’s. Who doubles as our Halloween display master. Her 5-year-old granddaughter, Valerie, heartily agrees. Valerie is mesmerized by Laura’s Halloween cabinet. […]

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The Right Way to Bring Fall Scents into Your Home

Grab a chintzy aerosol can of some pumpkin-cinnamon scent. Spray it freely throughout every room. Now sit back and gag. That, our friends, is the WRONG way to bring fall scents into your home. But we got some aromatic ideas on the right way below. Stove Simmer Take your pick of cinnamon sticks, cloves, diced […]

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Putting Together Dynamic Decorative Trays for Fall

Fall platters are for sliced turkey. But fall decorative trays are for anything you want. Anything. Pack ’em up with mini pumpkins. Pile on dried twigs and candles (as long as the two aren’t touching). And decorative trays are so very easy to make. In our videos, we create two different decorative trays in 15 seconds […]

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Dos and Don’ts for Decorating with a Fall Color Palette

Ahh… the fall color palette. Brilliant yellow. Vibrant orange. That-would-look-great-in-my living-room gold. How many times have you gazed out at the brilliant fall foliage and said, “Hey, I wish I could look at those colors all year round.” Let’s be honest, you probably first say, “Dang, I gotta rake this stuff up.” But then you might take a moment […]

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