Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
We love Laurie’s Furnishings,
And we know you will, too!




Love is in the air and this February, we want to be your Valentine!

We’ll woo you with our beautiful showroom full of one-of-a-kind home décor.

From tables and sofas and beds, to mirrors and lamps and chandeliers, our assortment of goodies would impress a box of chocolates.


We’ve got something for everyone, no matter your flavor!

So say no to heart-shaped candies and skip the crowded restaurants this year.

Treat yourself to a Laurie’s shopping spree this Valentine’s Day, and instead of counting calories, you’ll be counting your brand new treasures.

Come check us out and we promise you’ll fall in love before you can even say “Be Mine!” Make sure to check our Instagram and in store for a few really sweet deals Feb 13 and 14!



Well if you haven’t made it out to Laurie’s this weekend, you’ve really missed out!


The first day of this annual Mother of All Tent Sales was glorious! The crowds flocked and many great bargains were snapped up. But don’t despair! There are many more bargains to be grabbed.


Tomorrow might be the last day, but we aren’t scraping the bottom of the bargain barrel. We’ve got some incredible one-of-a-kind merchandise in store for you! Join us for day two of our grandest event of the year!


Laurie’s Annual Mother of All Tent Sales

Sunday 12-5pm

It’s first-come, first-serve and everything must be picked up or shipped by Sunday!


Don’t delay! Make your way to Laurie’s! We’ll see you there!


May 19th– May 21st
Fri & Sat 10am-6pm*

Sun 12pm-5pm

  • TWO huge tents and TWO ocean containers full of merchandise

  • Everything must go by Sunday night

  • Limited parking, so come early

*Edit: Updated hours!

We’re thrilled to announce that Laurie’s biggest event of the year is on the horizon. In honor of Mother’s Day, we’re bringing you Laurie’s Home Furnishing’s annual Mother of All Tent Sales!

Tent Sale 2017

Yes, every year we bring out the best stuff with the best bargains to bless the best people on the planet – our mothers. That means if you are a mother, if you have a mother, or you know a mother, this sale is for you!  So, take out your planner of choice and get these dates on your calendar pronto!

Friday May 19th – Sunday  May 21st

From 10am – 5pm

This year, we’ve got two massive tents to double the excitement as well as two ocean containers stuffed with overseas merchandise that’s to die for.

Now, the sale is a total dream, but parking a nightmare, so you’ll want to come early and stay late. All purchases must be shipped or picked up by Sunday night. The bulk of our sale items are one-of-a-kind, once-in-a-lifetime-opportunity buys, and it’s first come, first serve, so don’t sit on your caboose!

Make your way to Laurie’s for the most spectacular sale of the year!

And don’t forget to check back here for up-to-date news on Laurie’s latest.



Spring is cute! Spring is cuddly! But if you’ve ever been a little overwhelmed by the vibrant yellows, neon pinks and lime greens, we hear ya. This year, we’re bringing springtime back to earth. And by that we mean earth-tones.

Now, earth-tones are all the rage in the fall, but for spring? Is it crazy? You tell us! Earth tones are subtle, soft, and inviting. They make a space cozy and bring a sense of calm and nurturing. And that’s not just our opinion and experience; it’s science!


But the best thing about earth-tones isn’t just the calm they give; it’s the way they pair beautifully with pops of bold colors. This is perfect for those of us who really DO like hot pink, but just don’t want to bathe in it. The centerpiece below is a perfect example. The greys, tans, and soft greens work together to draw your eye to the beauty of the bright pink without the overwhelming visual noise of a department store Easter.


Earth-tones (much like Laurie’s taste and style) are also timeless classics that work year-round. The place-setting below is an excellent example. Though absolutely irresistible for your Easter dinner, it contains elements that would work for any dinner party at any time of year. That charger try would be perfect for your Thanksgiving dinner. The pearl napkin ring is the perfect accent for your elegant Christmas party. And if those placemats aren’t great for your summer get-together, then you’re not getting a good visual.


So now that you’re considering a new world of possibilities for earth-tones, maybe you’ll be motivated to go through those long-abandoned cabinets to see what treasures you might find. If you’ve got some good versatile pieces, we’ve got the perfect accents to match!


And if you’ve been on the vibrant-colors-only train, then we can help you tone-it-down with soft and sophisticated neutrals that will make you feel like an adult again. But don’t worry! Just because we’re turning away from freakishly loud colors doesn’t mean we’re giving up freakishly cute.



So stop by Laurie’s today and let us help you rethink spring décor!









It’s that time of year again! Super Bowl Sunday is right around the corner and we know just how to make your Super Bowl party a total touchdown. All you need to do is shop Laurie’s Super Bowl Sale this Friday and Saturday to get your home dressed to impress – not to mention snag some insane bargains!

White sectional

We’ve got some stadium-sized super deals that will wow even our biggest fans, including one-of-a-kind wall art and super fabulous furniture at super discounted prices. You’ve got to admit, you’d much rather be watching the Super Bowl from one of our Opportunity Buy sectionals… We’d sure rather you did!

Birdy Sectional

They’re called “Opportunity Buys” because now is your opportunity to buy! Don’t miss this chance! Pry yourself away from that big-screen TV this Super Bowl weekend to kick-off your new year with some brand new, high-quality home furnishings.

Turtle Sectional

Turtle pillows

These crazy Super Bowl sale prices will only be available this Friday and Saturday, so don’t sleep on these one-time specials! After all, the early bird does get first choice of the best selection of top-of-the-line furniture in the Houston area…

Antique-looking Armoire

Like this beautiful antique-style armoire, with enough sophistication to make you forget who lost their cool during the last quarter. No need to covet it; just come and get it! Drop by and score big at Laurie’s Home Furnishings!

Life is Beauty-Full pillows


You know the feeling. There’s empty socks hanging on the fireplace, wrapping paper unceremoniously crammed into trash bags, a sink full of dirty dishes. It feels like the magic is gone… but wait! Santa has a few more gifts in the bag!




Laurie’s famous Christmas décor is 50 percent off starting the Day after Christmas.

Christmas-ed out, but still looking for a deal? There will be other gifted bargains all throughout the 23,000 foot showroom. You’re sure to find a dandy deal to delight you and keep the magic going just a little while longer. 

These deals won’t last long so come early!!!

We could stick with stuff like high quality, unique designs and the delightful surprise of never knowing exactly what you’ll find. Sure, those are awesome reasons to love the furniture company of GrassRoots Imports.

But those reasons are only scratching the surface as to why GrassRoots Imports furniture absolutely thrills us. When you go with something GrassRoots, you’re not just buying a piece of furniture (or six). You’re creating a mood. A story. A story with a certain mood.

Check out any of the photos and you’ll see what we mean.


We’ll even walk you through an example with the blue bedroom pic.

The first thing you say isn’t, “Oh, I really like that headboard,” or even, “That’s a keen armoire.”

No. The first thing you say is simply, “Wow.”

grassroots-granada-bedroom-photoThen your mind starts racing into all kinds of thoughts, like:

  • That room is soooo warm and cozy.
  • It looks like a space fit for royalty, but cool royalty, not those folks that chop off heads.
  • Would my bedroom be too dark with that hue of blue?
  • It definitely looks like a room in an edgy palace, or a kind of magical castle, or even the inside of a genie’s magic bottle.

That’s what GrassRoots Imports does.

Fuels the imagination. Creates the sublime. Invigorates the senses.

The company specializes in exclusive designs built at small factories across the globe, with a few antiques and other finds thrown in along the way.


No matter what you pick or how you pick it, you’re getting one heck of a story with every piece.

That’s because GrassRoots has one heck of a selection of furniture.

Give your story its own happy ending — shop GrassRoots at Laurie’s today!


Wine. Snacks. Captivating conversations. Yep. Laurie loves her parties.

From our extravagant open houses to the more intimate gatherings, nothing beats a bout of really fine company.

And that company was especially fine at our Nov. 16 meet and greet with folks from The Pin Oak Charity Horse Show.


We had our wine. We had our snacks. Best of all, we had loads and loads of captivating conversations with the compassionate members of one of the most amazing organizations in the Houston area – if not the entire country.

Why We Love It

For those who love horses, this organization can easily take that love to a whole new level. That’s because its overall purpose is to help sick children heal. Through donations, outreach and volunteer support, The Pin Oak Charity Horse Show has been helping kids for the past 61 years.


The first show debuted in 1945, billed as J.S. Abercrombie’s Pin Oak Stables. All proceeds headed right to charity. Two years later, the annual show was already raising money to build a hospital specifically for children. Texas Children’s Hospital opened its doors in 1954.


The Texas Children’s Hospital is still on the group’s list of charities, as are Ronald McDonald House Houston and Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Family Alliance. Talk about worthy causes. And talk about some awesome donations.


Funds are part of the giving, sure. But the Pin Oak Charity Horse Show members also participate in a number of on-site events, created a number of others – and even unleashed herds of Pin Oak ponies at Texas Children’s Hospital Main and West campuses.


Definitely made for some captivating conversations!

Simply rubbing elbows with such big-hearted folks would have been more than enough. But, as seems to be the way of the Pin Oak Charity Horse Show, we got so much more.



It’s home tour time. You know the drill. Aunt Laurie comes into your home.  We snaps oodles of pix. Talk about how cool it is. Then point out stuff from Laurie’s to show what good taste we all have.


This time the drill has an extra special element. It’s called Vickie Allen. She’s been working with Laurie for years. The home she shares with her husband Tommie is kind of like a history of Laurie’s business.

Vickie has so much Laurie’s stuff she actually calls her style “Laurie-esque.”




Some stuff is brand new. Some goes as far back as Laurie’s McLaren’s days. That was a shop Laurie opened in 1992 that led to lots of English boyfriends.

But we’re not here to talk boyfriends. We’re here to talk Allen home. And there’s plenty to talk about.

Like colors. If you can’t tell, Vickie loves ’em. The purple room is her personal craft space. Even the marker and scissor bins are fashionable. And check out the pinks in the bedroom and bath.






Vickie also likes the Irish pine cupboard. Not just for its looks. For its history and character. It’s her favorite piece in the whole house. That’s saying a lot.


And then there’s the “Just Sayin’ Room.” Once a breakfast nook, the room is named for Vickie’s longtime habit of saying, “I’m just saying….” The chairs, wine cabinet and ottoman all came from various tent sales at Laurie’s.



The room’s lamp has a special function. Vickie and Tommie take it outside on gorgeous evenings, with pizza, wine and a telescope. Neighbors know to stop by when they see the lamp out. It attracts them like moths.

What else should you know? Three more things:

  • We especially adore the bedroom furniture. Don’t tell Vickie, but we like the bureau better than the Irish pine cabinet.
  • Vickie’s use of textures and patterns is spot on.
  • Her husband doesn’t mind sleeping in a pink bedroom.



That’s all until the next one. Enjoy!


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