2020 Holiday Season


The holidays have a way of stirring up seasons gone by and memories planted.  This year I think more than ever, the distraction of the holidays is welcomed with open arms.  The craving of normalcy, the longing for connection all comes to mind as the cooler air blows in and the warmer color pallet begins to surface.  Laurie’s Home Furnishings invites you to decorate you home with the delights that each season holds, beginning with Halloween.  Your home is a place of comfort and security and the perfect setting to display your take on Holiday Decor.  Laurie’ Home Furnishings is filled to the brim, with not only the best in Home Decor Accessories, but also we are the industry leader in fine furnishings.

So grab yourself a pumpkin spiced latte, your best friend, your hand sanitizer, and of course your mask and head on over to Laurie’s in Tomball.  Stroll through our every changing showroom and take in the surroundings of the season.  Pick up a few pumpkins to add to your collection.  Buy a few throw pillows and a couple scented candles.  Set the stage in your home for the season and really let the Holidays take residence in your daily life this year.

We are grateful to all the support you continue to show small businesses like ours and we are here to serve you.  Our store is open daily.  Here are a few pictures of the beautiful seasonal accessories Laurie’s has to offer you this season, but as you know there are many many many more in our glorious store.  No tricks, just our little “Treat” to you, come and see us.