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Choosing an Interior Designer that Fits Your Style

Your home is much more than your haven. It’s an extension of your personality. And to ensure your personality really comes through in a way that works for you, you’ve got to find an interior designer that fits your style. How do you do that? Not with random phone calls, blindly plucking a name off […]

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August Bedding Sale: Meet the Experts, Dive into Deals

Laurie’s bedding sales give you much more than a chance to get delightful deals on pillow shams. You’ll also have the exclusive opportunity to stock up on amazing insights and wisdom from representatives from Laurie’s favorite bedding companies. Our sumptuous bedding sale runs all day Aug. 10 and 11, with the savvy reps on hand […]

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Summer Series: Sunbrella & Crypton Fabrics

What’s black and white and red all over? Most folks would answer something like their couches, chairs or other furniture that’s exposed to that thing called daily life. Black is the fabric’s original color. White is the fabric after fading. Red indicates all the fabric stains, thanks to spilled juice, muddy paws and jovial wine […]

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Summer Series: Planters

Plants that are lush, thriving, blossoming or otherwise happy and healthy can make an attractive statement. But put those same plants in the perfect planters and your statement just went from attractive to downright amazing. How to Pick the Perfect Planters You have a number of ways to choose the perfect planters for your perky plants, […]

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Summer Series: Banana Leaf Chairs

Thanks to yet another really old and really bad joke, we all know you can use banana peels to make slippers. But you may not know you can use banana leaf plants to make some amazingly awesome furniture. What It Is Banana leaf is a type of wicker that’s about 10 million times cooler than the […]

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Happy Independence Day Weekend!

Come and shop this weekend for our oh-so-tasteful star spangled goodies. Scoop it up on Saturday and Sunday because we will be closed for Independence Day. We’ll be enjoying time with our friends and families and we hope you will too! 

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Down on the Farm (without Tacky Plaid or Overalls)

You don’t need ill-fitting overalls to give your home a farmhouse overhaul. All you need is a quick hop, skip and jump to Laurie’s. Farmhouse décor is hotter than a mad mother hen, and Laurie has her own special take on the country style. We serve up charming farmhouse flair with homey touches that add a quaint […]

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Slosh On Over to Lauries!

Rain, rain, came this way. Great for umbrella salesmen and outdoor plants. Not so great for flooded-out furniture. Need Your Things Replaced? Laurie’s is the place. Our inventory changes more often than the weather, and almost everything is almost always in stock. If not here today, we’ll get it the next day or very soon. […]

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Lamp Sale and a Rubbish Chuck!

We’re still cleaning out the closets over here at Laurie’s, a process that led us to discover we have one heck of a peck of lamps. As with anything we want to sell pronto, we’re practically giving the lamps away at prices that’ll knock your socks off. Big lamps, little lamps, fat lamps, thin lamps, […]

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