Kiddie tea parties are cute. Buckingham Palace tea parties are probably stuffy as all get out. And Laurie’s Halloween Tea?

Well, that’s just something you don’t want to miss. Why not?

Because you know Laurie. And that means you know she’s brewing up all kinds of creepy, crafty and perhaps even crazy things to celebrate the ghoulish holiday.

Oh, before we forget. It’s at 2 p.m. Oct. 29.



And here’s what you’ll get when you come on down.

Spookiest Get-up Contest

Just like you have to wear a tux to those frou-frou events, Laurie’s tea requires specialized outfits.

Bewitching attire required. You’ll even get judged on it.

First, second and third-place contest winners go home with Laurie’s gift certificates. Top prize is a $150 certificate. Winners announced at 4 p.m. You knew you kept that 1960s bridesmaid dress for a reason! Slap it on and head this way.

Real Cheap Halloween Décor

When we say cheap, we mean massively discounted. Not chintzy. Get 50 percent off Halloween décor all day long or until it runs out. Whichever comes first. All that, and you still have two days to use the things this year!

Fiendish Food, Devine Drinks and Freakishly Fabulous Fun

When it’s Halloween Tea at Laurie’s, could it be any other way?

See you there!