Christmas in July is so over-played. How about Christmas in November?

Make that November 5 and November 6 to be exact. All day. Laurie’s.

christmas-open-house-2Christmas Spirit

Don’t be that tacky holiday host who pulls out the same-old, tired Christmas décor year after year after year. Please don’t. It’s so mundane. Even the grandkids are bored with it.

Spruce up your place with new Christmas stuff from Laurie’s. Quaint and charming. Sparkly and snazzy. Modern and magnificent. Whatever your taste, you’ll find it here. As long as your taste is good, of course. And as long as it doesn’t include giant plastic, light-up Santas.

All this happy holiday stuff is will be screaming your name at the open house. We can hear it now:

“Hey, [ENTER NAME HERE]! Buy me, buy me!”

Told you.

Ravishing Rugs


If sprucing up your home with Christmas décor isn’t enough, give your guests something else to rave about. Like…

A brand new rug!

For the first time ever, Laurie’s is introducing a brand new rug collection. Magnolia Home Rugs by Joanna Gaines. Same time, same place as the Christmas Open House.

New rugs. New décor. Happy grandkids. Amazed guests.

Christmas in November is pretty keen, no?

See you there!