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Black Friday at Laurie’s Rocks (Here’s Why)

Here at Laurie’s we have much to be thankful for, and the day after Thanksgiving is one of our favorite days of the year. Full from turkey and still giggling from the annual Dale family Thanksgiving Bingo Bonanza, we welcome all of you to our spectacular, magical Christmas Days. Park 100 feet from the front […]

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Rubbish Chuck: Pilgrims

You got the turkey. You’re prepped to fluff up the stuffing. You even have marshmallows to melt on the yams (against your better health judgment). But no matter how prepared you may seem for Thanksgiving, you still have that nagging feeling you’re forgetting something. That’s because you are. You’re missing this week’s Rubbish Chuck: This […]

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The Evolution of the Bench

You know a person’s passe if they use words like “icebox” – or say benches are hard, sad and cold. The bench has evolved. The bench has gone modern. The bench is now cooler than most people’s couch. They have cushions and fabric and leather and studs – They have backs that let you sit back for real. A bench lets […]

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Rubbish Chuck: Geometric Glass Decor Thing

Those who are lured by mystery will love this week’s Rubbish Chuck. Mainly because it’s a mystery as to what the heck it is. What We Do Know We do know the thing is a cool geometrical shape. We also know it’s made of glass and opens so you can put stuff in it. One […]

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Christmas Decor with Class

Christmas is classy at Laurie’s, as you’ll see for yourself when you come browse our décor for 2014. What makes it classy, you ask? For starters, we don’t debut our holiday offerings until Halloween’s goblins and ghouls have moved on, unlike some folks who start pushing Christmas as early as October. For seconders, we introduce […]

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To Market, To Market: High Point, NC

Laurie and the gang just returned from another exciting time in North Carolina, where attendance was deemed light but the buyers present were active and bought robustly. The journey began on a Thursday and it was action packed… as is often the case with Laurie and Sydney’s forays out. Early that morning Laurie’s Merrill Lynch […]

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