Rubbish Chuck: Geometric Glass Decor Thing

Rubbish Chuck FB NOV10-01-01

Those who are lured by mystery will love this week’s Rubbish Chuck. Mainly because it’s a mystery as to what the heck it is.

What We Do Know

We do know the thing is a cool geometrical shape. We also know it’s made of glass and opens so you can put stuff in it. One more solid fact is that this tantalizing artifact is now a hefty 50 percent off.

  • The big guys were originally $100, and they’re now going for $50.
  • The little dudes were $20, now yours for a sweet song of $10.

Still not convinced? Just think about all the amazing little things you can put in them:

  • Dinky doodads
  • Teeny knickknacks
  • Lego pieces from the floor so you don’t vacuum them up
  • Small trinkets someone brought back from Taiwan

All sales are final. No Holds. Come in or call 281-290-9565.
Operators are standing by!
This Rubbish Chuck is valid Friday November 14 only!

The possibilities are endless – but the stock is not. Strike now or miss out. Head down to Laurie’s today!

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