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The Sofa to End All Sofas

Finding the perfect sofa can be a real pain in the rear – especially if you end up with one that has rock-hard, uncomfortable cushions. You want a sofa that is comfy but not sloppy. Classy but not so pristine you need those creepy plastic covers. Roomy and bold but not monstrous and huge. You […]

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Another Chair to Worship: Jules Arm Chair

There are chairs that are just kind of there. You sit in them. Guests sit in them. You might even bang them with a vacuum a few times, all without thinking. And then there are the chairs you worship. You can’t help but notice their sexy curves, their touch-me textures, their perfect height, width and […]

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Come Meet the Home of Mary Ross, Part 2

In part one of our tour, you met Mary Ross, her awesome home design business, her dog Happy and her home’s entryway and living room. Now we’re moving on through the rest of her showplace with more tunes to set the mood for every room. Bedroom/Hallway Mood-setting tune: Unforgettable – Nat King Cole White on white […]

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Come Meet the Home of Mary Ross, Part 1

Being invited into someone’s home is always an honor. But when you’re invited into the home of Mary Ross, it’s an honor, a pleasure and an adventure in dang good taste. Make that excellent taste, since 90 percent of her furniture happens to come from Laurie’s! Her home’s sensational style, however, goes much deeper than […]

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Vivienne Darling Update!!

Many of you have come into the shop and asked for an update on Vivienne Darling- the baby from the contest last Fall. Well… she is 4 months old and a very happy girl. Her Aunt Laurie helps her live up to her name by sending along Darling outfits she finds on her travels. She […]

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