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Kitchen Papers

Kitchen papers – know what they are? No, we’re not talking about wax paper. Nor are we discussing the newspapers you may have to strew on your kitchen floor for workmen or a new puppy. We’re talking colorful, creative kitchen papers – papers specially designed to add festivity and flair to your dining and serving. […]

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Come to Laurie’s to Buy a Corvette ***Update!

This car is still available!!! It’s now listed on Craigslist here- New photos added to the gallery below. You already know you can head to Laurie’s for the keenest home décor. And now it appears she is opening up a used car dealership. Kind of. You may have seen Laurie on the news a few months […]

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Green is absolutely dreamy, and a surefire sign that spring has arrived. Instantly perk up your home with its own dose of green, with a veritable garden of options from Laurie’s! Before we get into the specific options, we’re first going to sell you on the idea of adding green to your home. Ready? Green […]

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Laurie’s Version of March Madness

What do leprechauns, carrots and a two-day bash at Laurie’s have in common? These three seemingly unrelated things are all components in Laurie’s own version of March Madness. Let us explain. Two-Day Bash Let’s start with the two-day bash, officially known as our Easter Open House. It’s coming up this weekend, so head on down! […]

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Easter Decor at Laurie’s

It’s bunny season at Laurie’s! Whether you’re hoping for classic, cuddly, vintage or weird-looking bunnies, Laurie’s is the place to find ’em. You’ll want to take a few of these little hoppers home as part of your Easter decor, as bunnies come with plenty of benefits. Top Bunny Benefits They’re way cuter than Santa Claus. Yeah, […]

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