Green is absolutely dreamy, and a surefire sign that spring has arrived. Instantly perk up your home with its own dose of green, with a veritable garden of options from Laurie’s!


Before we get into the specific options, we’re first going to sell you on the idea of adding green to your home. Ready?


Green not only signifies warmer weather and happy days are on the way, but it has soothing qualities that can help calm down your cat, put a smile on your spouse and keep your kids under control. Well, we’re not sure about the last one, but green has been known to infuse the home with a loving, peaceful vibe that encourages everyone in it to relax.


Balance, harmony, renewal and rebirth are also associated with this glorious color, with the power restore frazzled nerves and infuse you with lively energy.


Easy ways to add green to your home from Laurie’s:

  • Cutesy little grass in adorable burlap wrap
  • Herbs stocked in a wooden box
  • Green stems on flowers you can admire for hours
  • Lime ribbons and boxes with colorful blossoms
  • Ferny filaments placed in squatty pots on a tray
  • Green pockets on the table between antiques and lanterns
  • A snazzy, bold tree with a hefty, thick top
  • Plush green pom-poms that scream out to be touched

New life, new hope – and maybe even kids that stop jumping on the couch. It pays to add a dash of green to your very own home.


Swing by Laurie’s to gather your own dose of green today!