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New Year, New Store

Happy (Almost) New Year! The greeting goes out to all our fabulous customers and those yet-to-be customers who we hope to meet soon. There are two things you need to know before that big ball comes dropping down on Times Square. Laurie’s will be closed on New Year’s Day. Yeah, we know this may be heartbreaking […]

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After Christmas Sale

The stockings are empty. The gifts are all opened. The holiday ham is now merely a bone. So now what the heck are you supposed to do with yourself the day after Christmas and beyond? Why, head to Laurie’s of course! Come to Laurie’s massive sale that kicks off Dec. 26 and runs all the […]

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Rubbish Chuck: Butcher Block

If you’re like most, your kitchen counters are probably a jumble of small appliances, appliance cords, a banana bunch, a soggy towel, a cookie jar or dog treat bin, a knife block, a spoon rest and absolutely no room to work, move or breathe. That’s why you need a butcher block – which just so […]

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Flash Sale: Snowmen

They’re happy, they’re snappy and they’re so durn cute – but that’s not the only reason to love snowmen from Laurie’s. We’re having a flash sale: our chipper snowmen are only $20 each! And here come four other reasons to love snowmen: Building them give kids something to do when the Internet goes down in a […]

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The Lure of Leather

Anyone who has slithered into a soft leather jacket or trotted down the street in a pair of supple leather boots or shoes knows leather can be alluring. But its lure doesn’t stop with outerwear and footwear. Its allure can span throughout the entire home. Leather Wallpaper, Anyone? OK, we’re not saying you should line […]

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Rubbish Chuck: Pair of Lamps

Some things should always go together. Ying and yang. East and west. Two super snazzy lamps that are now marked down to give you BOTH for the price of one. That’s right! This week’s Rubbish Chuck serves up a pair of dazzling lamps at a two-for-one price. What makes them so darn dazzling? Their size […]

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And the Name is…

We are very proud to announce the arrival of… Little Vivienne was born on Monday November 24 at 3:26 AM and she is already generating oohs and aahs wherever she goes. Her parents are over the moon for this little girl. Thanks to everyone who entered the baby name contest. While no one guessed the […]

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Craft Hour: Bow Class

Back by popular demand! ‘Tis the season… for bows! Hope you’re not tied up and can join us this Saturday. RSVP to let us know you are coming: 281-290-9565

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Rubbish Chuck: Versatile Table

Flexibility. Versatility. And probably some other “ility” words best describe this piece. This week’s Rubbish Chuck: The most versatile table/island/bar in the world! Can you picture it? Covered with pies at your holiday party. Scattered with clippings of ribbon and wrapping paper. Dressed with ice bucket and high ball glasses on New Year’s Eve. What […]

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The Thrill of the Tablescape

The first thing you need to know about tablescapes is that the phrase is technically one word. Yes, it looks all wrong and spell-check doesn’t dig it. But even if the word itself is kooky, the concept is simply phenomenal. What They Are The art of tablescaping involves the creative and interesting placement of objects […]

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