Anyone who has slithered into a soft leather jacket or trotted down the street in a pair of supple leather boots or shoes knows leather can be alluring. But its lure doesn’t stop with outerwear and footwear. Its allure can span throughout the entire home.


Leather Wallpaper, Anyone?

OK, we’re not saying you should line your walls with leather, but you can enjoy it around the home in zillions of other ways. Leather can add a massive dash of class on large items like sofas and armchairs. It can add a medium dash of class as accents on coffee tables, lamps and pillows.


It can bring the zing a home needs when used on accessories. Try a leather trunk in any size, shape or style to suit your fancy. Go for a leather ottoman, a leather serving tray, a leather ice tray. Leather is one versatile material, but that’s not the only reason to love it.


Other Reasons to Love Leather

  • It’s tough yet soft
  • It’s durable yet supple
  • It has a warm and wonderful aroma
  • It looks good on strategically placed around the home
  • It makes an awesome gift for all those men on your list that are tough to buy for (and that can be just about any man!)


Stop wondering if the men on your list would appreciate the as-seen-on-TV nose hair plucker. Go for something leather instead.

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