Happy (Almost) New Year!

The greeting goes out to all our fabulous customers and those yet-to-be customers who we hope to meet soon.

There are two things you need to know before that big ball comes dropping down on Times Square.

  • Laurie’s will be closed on New Year’s Day. Yeah, we know this may be heartbreaking to those of you who aren’t planning to watch football all day. If you were intending to spend the day at Laurie’s shopping for sofas or chairs, just hold tight until Jan. 2 and your patience will be worth it.
  • Laurie’s will be a whole new store on Jan. 2! While the shop is closed on the first day of the year, Laurie won’t be watching football, either. She’ll be hard at work turning over the entire shop with new stuff for the new year.

While we’ll call the new store amazing, outstanding and full of surprises, we’re NOT going to call it “new and improved.” Why not?

Ever notice when something is billed as “new and improved” it’s usually crummy?

  • “New and improved” websites seem to take longer to load, have strange fonts and tend to hide all the useful options that were once at your fingertips.
  • “New and improved” food items are often bland, too garlicky or simply give you a smaller portion at a higher price.

No, Laurie’s will not be “new and improved.” Just amazing, outstanding and full of surprises.

Come on down Jan. 2 to see for yourself!