They’re happy, they’re snappy and they’re so durn cute – but that’s not the only reason to love snowmen from Laurie’s.

We’re having a flash sale: our chipper snowmen are only $20 each!


And here come four other reasons to love snowmen:

  • Building them give kids something to do when the Internet goes down in a snowstorm.
  • They make even the bleakest winter yard just a little bit cheerier.
  • Their noses are usually edible, just in case you need a snack.
  • Unlike some guests, they never overstay their welcome. You never see one hanging around all summer long, do ya?

Head to Laurie’s today for the cool snowman sale.

  • Regular price: Varied
  • Sale price: $20 each


Hurry before the sale heats up and they’re all gone!