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Rubbish Chuck: 50% Off Halloween Stuff

Nothing is scarier than Halloween decorations haunting our store after the candy’s devoured, the monsters tuckered out and the ghouls have gone home for the season. So come get ’em outta here, will ya? (The decorations, not the ghouls.) Our special Halloween Rubbish Chuck is a special 50% off all our Halloween décor. We’ve already talked […]

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Rubbish Chuck: Santander Collection

We’ve all heard that dumb joke that asks: When is a door not a door? Answer: When it’s ajar (Get it?). Well, here’s a new one for you: When is a table not a table? Answer: When it’s a work of art. This week’s Rubbish Chuck features a whole gaggle of tables that qualify as […]

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Why a Bed is Our Best Friend

If it weren’t for spouses and loyal dogs A bed could very well be our best friend. When we’re born, we are placed there When we die, we’re often lying there And beds, they show up at all times in between. The beds of our youth look like racecars or princess thrones, with superhero sheets […]

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Rubbish Chuck: Ararat Chair

Apologies in advance for the bad clichés, but here they come: This week’s Rubbish Chuck is more fun than a barrel of monkeys, more enjoyable than a barrel of laughs, and makes you want to roll out the barrel to celebrate. That’s because it features a couple of cool and kitschy barrel chairs. Officially dubbed […]

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Why You Should Care Ginny is Having a Baby (Hint: $1,500)

The contest has ended. Thanks to everyone who entered. The baby name will be announced when she is born- should be any day now! Stay tuned to see if you won! Ginny’s having a baby! And why should you care? Because it could net you a $1,500 Laurie’s gift card! Before we get to the […]

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Rubbish Chuck: Southern Bench

Everyone always oohs and aaahs over things like sled beds, fainting couches and armoires. But the poor bench is largely ignored. We’re fixing that with this week’s Rubbish Chuck, featuring a Southern Bench that’s the king of all benches. This beautiful bench measures 60 inches long by 22 inches deep by 16 inches high. Why […]

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Do You Want an Icky Trick or a Pleasing Treat for Halloween?

When it comes to Halloween decor, you have two clear choices. You can get a trick or you can get a treat. What we refer to as the trick is all those ill-crafted, tacky decorations that are prone to falling apart before you even purchase your first bag of candy corn. These icky tricks include: […]

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