Nothing is scarier than Halloween decorations haunting our store after the candy’s devoured, the monsters tuckered out and the ghouls have gone home for the season.

So come get ’em outta here, will ya? (The decorations, not the ghouls.)

Our special Halloween Rubbish Chuck is a special 50% off all our Halloween décor.

We’ve already talked up the stuff when we put it out for the season, and its top selling points still ring true:

  • Quality décor you can use year after year (or all year if you’re weird)
  • Charming, rustic and unique creations
  • Adorable geegaws that’ll wiggle a giggle out of even the most stoic ghoul

Whether you see Halloween as spooky or kooky, we have the decorations to match.

  • Original price: Varies
  • Sale price: 50% Off Each and Every One of ’Em!

Swing down to Laurie’s for first dibs on what’s left. We expect they’ll go quicker than you can say: “Hey, who ate all my Tootsie Rolls?!”