Do You Want an Icky Trick or a Pleasing Treat for Halloween?


When it comes to Halloween decor, you have two clear choices. You can get a trick or you can get a treat. What we refer to as the trick is all those ill-crafted, tacky decorations that are prone to falling apart before you even purchase your first bag of candy corn. These icky tricks include:

  • Gauzy spider webs that get stuck in your bushes and your hair, never to be dislodged
  • Faux blood and rubber severed hands
  • Chintzy plastic Halloween door covers that rip the minute a trick-or-treater pokes it out of curiosity

Go for the Pleasing Treats


Treat-like decorations are unique, quality stuff that you can use year after year. If you’re weird or happen to have a home outfitted in black and orange, you can probably even keep these goodies on display all year long. These pleasing treats include:

  • Halloween5Adorable skeleton heads and haunted houses
  • Folksy, rustic scarecrows and witches
  • Rhyming signs and charming knick-knacks, like old-time bottles labeled cyanide, Essence of Corpse and Old Witches Brew


Cute, kooky or spooky, the treats are waiting for you at Laurie’s!

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