If it weren’t for spouses and loyal dogs
A bed could very well be our best friend.

When we’re born, we are placed there
When we die, we’re often lying there
And beds, they show up
at all times in between.

The beds of our youth look like
racecars or princess thrones, with
superhero sheets or frilly
pink canopies.

We jump there
We romp there
We refuse to go near there
without a third story and fourth glass of milk.

The beds of our teens become
messy mounds in our rooms – with
dirty clothes behind them and
a secret stash beneath.

We create there
Read comics there
We refuse to get out of there
When we’re dumped by our prom date
or get a zit on our nose.

As adults, our beds are havens
Our magic carpet kingdoms
We neaten them with diligence and
Keenly press the sheets.

We nap there
We cuddle there
Hit snooze every Monday
Darn near break the button
On the ninth or tenth hit.

Our beds are a constant
Have been superstars
through history they
show up in Shakespeare
in the Bible, on TV.

Strange bedfellows,
a manger, and every
lame show that
tries to nab viewers puts
a bed on the scene.

Your own scene is lacking
without a bed that embraces you,
A bed that supports you, a bed that
lets you hit snooze without
missing a beat.

That bed is a Biedermeier.
It comes in King or Queen.

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