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Dash & Albert

Have we talked about Dash and Albert rugs lately? For those of you who don’t know, we carry oodles of them… literally tons… definitely the most in Tomball and really possibly “Planet Earth”. We have basket loads of 2×3’s. Gray ones. Brown ones. Striped ones. The ever popular plain tin (we sell piles of that […]

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Rubbish Chuck – Cypress Trees

Rubbish Chuck Rubbish (n.) debris, junk, nonsense Chuck (v.) to throw, hurl or pitch away. This week’s rubbish chuck lets you transform your home’s interior into a lush and luxurious landscape bursting with greenery – oh, who are we kidding? These two artificial trees are neat, but they’re no natural wonder. They are, however, a […]

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Tape Measure Amnesty

At Laurie’s we measure anything and everything. Tables. Floor space. Lamps. Cabinets. Couch lengths. Chair heights. Pillows. We can even throw in a couple of lessons from our measuring expert (pictured) if you don’t know how to use one. Because measuring can be so useful and fun, we’d love for you and yours to measure […]

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Rubbish Chuck – The Mother of All Tent Sales!

Today’s Rubbish Chuck is… OUR ENTIRE TENT! If you don’t know by now our annual Mother of all Tent Sales is going on now through Sunday. But don’t wait. Tons and Tons of merchandise is flying out the tent and into people’s cars before you can say “I love that chair!” And by the way… […]

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The Mother of All Tent Sales- May 15-18

It’s here… Laurie’s biggest event of the year The Mother of All Tent Sales! Starts Thursday May 15 and continues with great opportunities all weekend on the newest, coolest stuff in Tomball (maybe Planet Earth). Thursday – Saturday 10AM – 6PM Sunday 12PM – 5PM The tent comes down Sunday at 5 so everything that has […]

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SOLD!!! Rubbish Chuck- Orange Ceramic Lamps SOLD!!!

Rubbish Chuck Rubbish (n.) debris, junk, nonsense Chuck (v.) to throw, hurl or pitch away.   IT’S GONE!! STAY TUNED FOR THE NEXT RUBBISH CHUCK! This week’s Rubbish Chuck is definitely a retro chuck with a neato keen pair of groovy lamps. No, not lava lamp groovy – more like set of “Mad Men” groovy. […]

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Virtual Make and Take – Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day is this Sunday– but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!  Here’s a round up of adorable ideas that you can throw together at the last minute! How about a beautiful vintage teacup bouquet?  She’ll enjoy the flowers and then have a lasting token to remember the day. Here is a sweet picnic basket […]

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Laurie and Flat Stanley Go to High Point

It was a tough call at this spring’s High Point Market. The tough call was who enjoyed it more: Laurie or Flat Stanley? None of this will make any sense unless you know what the heck we’re talking about. So let’s back up a bit. High Point Market is a brilliant bonanza of home furnishing […]

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Rubbish Chuck – Reverse Painted Side Table

Rubbish Chuck Rubbish (n.) debris, junk, nonsense Chuck (v.) to throw, hurl or pitch away. Just like the occasional garage or church sale we all have “good” stuff that just has to go.  Oftentimes we have out grown it, our tastes have changed or it simply is “in the way”. This happens at Laurie’s.  Reverse Painted […]

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