Have we talked about Dash and Albert rugs lately? For those of you who don’t know, we carry oodles of them… literally tons…
definitely the most in Tomball and really possibly “Planet Earth”.
We have basket loads of 2×3’s. Gray ones. Brown ones. Striped ones. The ever popular plain tin (we sell piles of that one in all four colors).

dash_albert8 dash_albert10 dash_albert4 dash_albert3
These small rugs are for kitchen sink-y things or at the back door where shoes and fido hang out. We also have several 3×5’s – they make a nice oversized door mat, maybe a bedside rug or even a bath rug.

dash_albert7 dash_albert6 dash_albert5 dash_albert2
Occasionally we have 8×10’s. But usually we order those so they don’t crowd our already crowded store.
Anyway, come buy a few.
They are great in your house… or if you have rich neighbors with a beach home they make the perfect hostess gift.
Remember, even Grandma likes a small gift when you show up to eat all of her hotdogs and drink most of her root beer.