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Jan Barboglio

When you think Texas certain elements naturally enter the mind…rustic, leather, wood,  iron…. Jan Barboglio makes Texas an art form with masterpieces that embody these and so much more beyond Rio Grande. See one for yourself and it’s not hard to understand why Laurie is such a fan. There’s something for everyone from giant, wooden rosary […]

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Count Your Threads

Seems like there just might be a direct correlation between the number of sheep you  count each night and the thread count in your sheets. A inversely proportional ratio no doubt. In English this means the higher the number of threads in your sheets = the less sheep you’ll have to count thus yielding a more […]

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Early to Bed

So we are knee deep into the New Year and I hope getting more sleep is on your list of ways to better yourself this year! If so why not do it in style? Another great resolution— get healthy looking fabulous! We have brought in the big guns to get you started. Here’s a preview […]

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To New Beginnings

Yeah! It’s the beginning of a new year– the dawn of new beginnings. Do you feel it? The year is packed with promise and wonderful things to come! We thought we’d start your year off extra nice and extend our *little* sale a couple more days. I mean after all– we did end with boom […]

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