Yeah! It’s the beginning of a new year– the dawn of new beginnings.

Do you feel it? The year is packed with promise and wonderful things to come!

We thought we’d start your year off extra nice and extend our *little* sale a couple more days.

I mean after all– we did end with boom so why stop now?

Mr. Tinsy flew to Washington State to visit Laurie’s sweet nieces and great-niece at Starbucks!

But of course he made it back in time to the North Pole for Christmas 😉

He’s going to be taking you on a couple more of his traveling excursions in the coming year so stay tuned…

Back to the sale…we have some pretty amazing pieces on the floor up for grabs.

Take this chest of drawers for example…perfect for the den, a teen’s room, or even a hallway

to house all of those boardgames, legos,  and such — down from $998 to $500!

Fluffy, white ottoman $195!

No dark and hideous bargain basement hunting here—you can find several

outstanding sale pieces on the floor amongst all of our fabulous collections.

Still have a handful of these ornate mirrored trays that were a huge hit this season….$35

That’s not even a sale price Ladies & Gents!

As one Miss Fabulous shopper said, “Dahling, you can never have enough trays!”

Ok I’m not going to overexcite you with these Christmas-themed goodies

because honestly there are only a couple of baskets — of which were being QUICKLY taken at the moment

these were photographed on Wednesday afternoon at approximately 4pm.

But if you hurry — and I do mean REALLY hurry — you might scoop up a couple before they are all gone.

If you traveled around town during the holidays- you know these sprigs can get quite costly.

Um how do you feel about $3? Yes please!

When we say “BLOW-OUT” folks– we mean O-U-T!

Going to be terribly honest here.

I don’t know how we still have these.

$3 each?! Really!

Imagine on distressed wood, green garland,or

a white tree with layered white and silver ornaments?!

It’s all just about gone so we can make room for new *swanky* incoming goods

like these amazing club chairs.

We’ll be back in soon with an all bed post!

Toodaloo till then!