Count Your Threads

Seems like there just might be a direct correlation between the number of sheep you

 count each night and the thread count in your sheets.

A inversely proportional ratio no doubt.

In English this means

the higher the number of threads in your sheets = the less sheep you’ll have to count

thus yielding a more pleasant slumber.

So if this is true ~ we can surmise that

the finer the linens —>

the more beautiful the bed —>

the more happiness yielded —>


Very scientific.

Now getting back to luxurious….

Take a look at some of the  fine linens and gorgeous bedding on display from Bella Notte,

Lilli Alessandra, Pine Cone Hill,  and Pom Pom at Home to name a few…

Could anything be more divine?

Yes actually.

Drape any of these fine textiles upon one of our  gorgeous beds!

So many collections to coordinate with our new hand-painted

metal beds from Wesley Allen and Corsican.

Not looking for a metal bed?

How about a plushy upholstered bed from Precendent

to pretend you are living it up at a spa?!

The combination potential is infinite!

Just ask our Cindy (Lou Lou).

She’s ready to take your special order today!

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