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A house without lighting is, well, dark. It’s also kind of boring, especially when you have oodles of lighting options from which to choose. See for yourself! Chandeliers: Classiest, sassiest way to add brilliance to your home. Desk lamps: Sterling silver with a long arm. Better yet, with a long arm that bends. End table lamps: Have […]

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Take a Load Off

We are all thinking about beds… because we are pooped from our super successful Tent Sale and can’t wait to crawl into one.   So clear out to make room for our fancy beds we just bought at the recent High point furniture show. Upholstered. Vintage French. And Wrought Iron. Couple those with bed linens […]

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Here a Hutch, There a Hutch, Everywhere a Hutch Hutch

It is officially time to get your hutch on. You guessed it, we are going hutch crazy over here and want you to join in the hutch madness. Get a hutch, and fill it up with your mishmash of chipped china. Better yet, buy a hutch for your snappy sister-in-law, too, so she has zero […]

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One More Day of the Mother of all Tent Sales!

Still need something for Mom (or yourself)…? There’s one more chance to find a steal at The Mother of All Tent Sales. We’ve cleared out A LOT of stuff… but we saved the best for last, come and see what Aunt Laurie has up her sleeve for the final day. Gates Open Saturday at 10AM […]

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There’s New Stuff in the Tent!

The Mother of all Tent Sales continues through Saturday… we’re clearing out the store to make room for all NEW stuff. That means there are new sale items in the tent EVERY DAY! Don’t miss out- we only do this once a year! Ah… there was a bit of an odor stinkin’ up the store… […]

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Day One of the Mother of All Tent Sales!

Day One of Laurie’s once a year blow out SALE is in the books! Many of you were lined up long before the gates opened at 10AM this morning to get the best deals. If you missed out or want more, we’ve got good news… there’s ALL NEW stuff in the tent tomorrow! Remember… No […]

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The Mother of All Tent Sales 2015!

The Mother of All Tent Sales is finally Here!! If you haven’t been before, you should know that this event features an amazing array of one of a kind found objects:   Pictures of Sailboats, Seashells, Dogs, and Castles Colorful Chairs New Sofas Long Long Long Tables Stray Hutch Tops Worn and Ragged Leftovers Big buys, […]

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