A house without lighting is, well, dark. It’s also kind of boring, especially when you have oodles of lighting options from which to choose. See for yourself!

  • Chandeliers: Classiest, sassiest way to add brilliance to your home.
  • Desk lamps: Sterling silver with a long arm. Better yet, with a long arm that bends.
  • End table lamps: Have you tried a stag horn lamp lately?
  • Floor lamps: Tall, striking, stable (not necessarily in that order).
  • Hallway lights: Decorative pendant lights work with high ceilings, otherwise go for fixtures mounted flush against the wall.
  • Lanterns: Modern, antique, metal or glass – We love ’em all!
  • Pendants: Amazingly chic and dangling – nearly as cool as chandeliers.
  • Rail lighting: These long, bendable rails with hanging pendants add a retro yet modern touch.
  • Wall-mounted fixtures: Faux candles work well on walls, providing a kind of medieval castle effect.

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