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Lamp Sale and a Rubbish Chuck!

We’re still cleaning out the closets over here at Laurie’s, a process that led us to discover we have one heck of a peck of lamps. As with anything we want to sell pronto, we’re practically giving the lamps away at prices that’ll knock your socks off. Big lamps, little lamps, fat lamps, thin lamps, […]

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Four Hands at Laurie’s

The folks at Four Hands are fueled by curiosity, creative experimentation and relentlessness. They relentlessly tinker with, tweak and keep poking at a product to come up with surprising additions that speak even louder of the company’s compelling style. Even a single piece of Four Hands furniture has the power to change the entire look […]

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Make Every Day Shimmer

You know about the proverbial pot of gold that sits at the end of the rainbow, right? Well, there’s a spot kind of like that at Laurie’s. And you don’t even need a leprechaun to show you the way. We call this sweet spot the Game Room. It holds everything that sparkles, glitters and shimmers […]

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A house without lighting is, well, dark. It’s also kind of boring, especially when you have oodles of lighting options from which to choose. See for yourself! Chandeliers: Classiest, sassiest way to add brilliance to your home. Desk lamps: Sterling silver with a long arm. Better yet, with a long arm that bends. End table lamps: Have […]

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Chandeliers: Hanging Around at Laurie’s

Chandeliers. You want ’em, we got ’em. Even if you don’t want ’em, we got ’em. From the mind-blowingly ornate to the simple or trendy, we’ve got a mass of chandeliers hanging out at Laurie’s. Their brilliant designs speak for themselves. And we have loads more styles here at the shop. We could spend this […]

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Rubbish Chuck Tent Event: Aidan Gray Lighting

Come meet the beautifully brilliant Aidan Gray at our upcoming Rubbish Chuck Tent Event. When: Thursday, June 26 & Friday, June 27 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Where: Out in our yard, of course Why: Because he’ll light up your life! (Sorry, we just couldn’t help ourselves.) Many of you already know Aidan Gray. He’s bright. He’s […]

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The Art of The Combo

One of my favorite things to overhear while walking the floorat Laurie’s is, “Wow– I would have never thought of putting those colors together”. Yes we are quite daring. We’ve done it all…blue with green,orange and red, white with cream,  grey and black, etc etc… You’d have to be quite the mathematician to construct all of […]

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Holy Lamp-oly!

  Holy LAMP-oly! We have beautiful lamp bases at $50 a pop! Ask the girls to show you to special table in our Rug warehouse where these lovely lamps are waiting to light up your life!

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Not at Eye Level

Most of the time we only see what’s directly in front of us— literally. Sure you have a good excuse walking from one end of the store to the other  and being mesmerized by so many fabulous vignettes at eye level! But if you are on the hunt for sophisticated and superior lighting – eye […]

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