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Why Life is Better with a Barstool (or Two)

You may think of the barstool beneath Norm from “Cheers!” but they need not be vinyl or splashed with old beer. They can be rather classy can be rather cool covered with textures on the seat of the stool Get them with backs in round or square design with padding and pillows to cushion your […]

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Ode of the Ottoman

I am the ottoman. As if anyone cares. I feel so unloved. I am rife with despair. You say “What a great couch” or “Your table – it’s neat!” Yet when it comes down to me, I’m just a place for your feet. Half of you think I’m a stool or divan – the other […]

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Rubbish Chuck: V-Day Closeout

One of the coolest things about Laurie is her unique way of doing things, and you’re going to love what she’s doing now. While most shops put all their holiday stuff on sale the day after the holiday, Laurie’s doing her own thing with a Valentine’s Day closeout a day before the big day. That’s right. On Friday, Feb. 13 you […]

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Tune in to ‘Fixer Upper’

Any HGTV fans out there? We thought so! And if one of your must-watch shows on the channel is “Fixer Upper,” you may have already glimpsed some of Laurie’s big magic on the small screen. The scuttle around town is Laurie’s is supplying much of the furniture and designer goods to “Fixer Upper” hosts Chip […]

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Top 5 V-Day Gift Ideas

You know what really makes Valentine’s Day fun? Getting all kinds of goodies for your sweetie and pals. And the best place to round them up is at Laurie’s, where we have a treasure trove of V-Day gifts just waiting to spread cupid’s cheer. Here comes our Top 5 V-Day Gifts, which we voted as our ultimate faves: […]

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Rubbish Chuck: Leather Trunks

Altogether now: “Ewww, Yuck!” That’s what we say when we see people storing stuff in those flimsy and garish plastic storage containers. They buckle. They crack. And they’re usually in some bright, neon-ish color that matches absolutely nothing else in the house. This week’s Rubbish Chuck lets you fix that, beautifully, with an awesome leather […]

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Big, Bountiful Dallas Market

Aunt Laurie went to market, this time in Dallas. In addition to cows, airport layovers and guys named J.R., Dallas is home to one of the most expansive gift and home markets in the entire state – and that’s saying a lot when you’re talking about Texas. Pork Chops Were Big Actually, Aunt Laurie and crew didn’t […]

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