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Double Dose of Success: Fall Festival and Hayden Chair

One instance of success is good. But Laurie’s is going even better with a double dose of the stuff. The first comes from our festival. The second comes from a chair. Yes, a chair. But we’ll get to that part after we talk up our festival. Laurie’s Fall Festival Success Laurie’s east lawn was exploding […]

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Baking Contest Winners Announced!

  Grand Big Prize Winner! Kristi (pie) Pumpkin Pie 1st– Shirley Shirley 2nd– Katie Smith 3rd– Faith Longnecker Pumpkin Cookie 1st– Becky Havill 2nd– Maria Baldera 3rd– Laura Watson Pumpkin Bread 1st– Roslyn Gorder 2nd– Rusty Barron 3rd– Georgie Dale (youngest contestant) Please drop by the store anytime after 11AM on Monday for the next […]

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No Time for Rubbish: Fall Festival Starts Now!

  There is no rubbish chuck today… Because Aunt Laurie is throwing a Fabulous Fall Festival!!  In case you didn’t know, here’s what’s going on:   – Bernie Burger Bus from 11-3. Get you some!  – Vendors including jewelry, skincare, accessories, adorable kids clothes and more!!  – And inside? Well we’re bursting at the seams with […]

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The 2nd Annual Fall Festival!

Well, you’ve been hearing about it and it’s finally here- Laurie’s 2nd Annual Fall Festival starts this Friday! Here’s a rundown of all the goings-on: Bernie’s Burger Bus will be here on Friday from 11AM – 3PM. If you’ve never had Bernie’s, you’re missing out. Check out their website. Judging for the Baking Contest will […]

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Rubbish Chuck: Art Room Bonanza

Few things are more sinful (or boring) than bare walls, and this week’s Rubbish Chuck gives your home the quick fix it needs. Head over to Laurie’s Art Room for a juicy 50 percent off the original price of anything and everything in it! What the heck’s the Art Room? Our Art Room is a rather small […]

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The Power of the Dining Table (and Chairs)

The dining table has held power throughout history. It holds even more of it today. We wine there. We dine there. We play cards with our uncles. Knit scarves with our aunts. Trade gossip with our neighbors. Whisper secrets to our pals. Sturdy, smooth and strong. Made magnificent with magnolia. A solid, balled pedestal holds […]

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Rubbish Chuck: Chevy Seat

This week’s Rubbish Chuck is the bomb for you if you: Dig vintage cars Know someone who digs vintage cars Know someone who knows someone who digs vintage cars Have seen a vintage car at least once in your life What’s with all the vintage car stuff? The first thing we thought when we saw […]

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Rubbish Chuck: Two-Faced Blue Chair

Two-faced is atrocious when it pops up in your coworkers or friends. But find the trait in this week’s Rubbish Chuck and you find a chair that’s to be celebrated! Alright, alright. You don’t have to throw a party over it. But you will want to put this awesome two-faced chair in a highly visible […]

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Fall Decor and Festival

The world would be a better place if: People didn’t moan and cry about fall being the end of summer Everything were orange First off, fall is not the end of summer. Well, technically it is, but that’s not what folks should focus on. Whatever happened to the glass-half-full theory? Fall should not be viewed […]

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