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Goodbye Jack

  As we kiss the last jackolanterns out the door till next year… it’s nice to know we aren’t the only ones who love those ghosts & goblins. Next up THANKSGIVING! Divine smell goods and wattle wattles! Gorgeous rustic pottery. Perfect neutral sofa with seasonal pop of color to change your entire attitude  & mood!  And […]

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More Sleep Less Sheep

  FINALLY!  yes the weather is finally starting to cool off here in Texas! Just take a look at this weekend’s forecast: High of 67 on Saturday! That  practically means it’s time to cover our plants <snicker> Yes, we Texans really get silly when the weather drops below 80 — heck below 90 for that […]

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Designer Choices

Now that we explored “The Great Sofa“ we thought it might be a good time to explore some options. Options….isn’t that what it’s all about? Of course we have oodles of choices already on the floor ready to go home today but are there times you crave something a little more custom tailored to suit […]

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The Great Sofa

The great sofa. One of the 2 most important pieces of furniture in your home (the other being your bed). A place you welcome guests, sit and chat, snuggle, watch your favorite housewife shoes, work on the laptop, read books to kiddies and hopefully take a nap now and then! There’s no need to sit […]

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