The great sofa.

One of the 2 most important pieces of furniture in your home

(the other being your bed).

A place you welcome guests,

sit and chat,


watch your favorite housewife shoes,

work on the laptop,

read books to kiddies

and hopefully take a nap now and then!

There’s no need to sit on old, worn out, embarrassing couches

when you are in close proximity to Laurie’s!

Lots of purposes and lots of styles to match.

Let’s take a look!

Velvet. It will never go out of style. never.

Casual yet formal enough for the den or formal living.

Don’t you love how we are able to special order

fabrics and accent pillows?!

Leather. Have we got LEATHER!? yes!

Let’s take a walk down SOFA memory lane.

Some past favorites now being loved in someone’s home…

So many looks and yet this doesn’t cover a thousandth of

what we carry and what we can customize!