FINALLY!  yes the weather is finally

starting to cool off here in Texas!

Just take a look at this weekend’s forecast:

High of 67 on Saturday!

That  practically means it’s time to cover our plants


Yes, we Texans really get silly when the weather drops below 80

— heck below 90 for that matter!

I actually saw a lady wearing a scarf

and boots the other day and it was 91  degrees outside!

Ok enough with the weather woes.

Cooler weather and longer nights mean

it’s time to get out those extra comfy pajamas with

piles of poofy down pillows and get ready to

stay in bed a little longer.

HOORAY for Daylight Savings and an extra hour of sleep!


Since you’ll be spending extra time in bed

why not make it somewhere you can dream with  eyes wide open!?

You probably already know that we carry sumptuous bedding

but did you know that we can also special order just about anything

we carry in different colors, patterns, etc…?


Our ladies are happy to sit down and help you

figure out exactly what you’ll need to make those

long winter nights cozy and fashionable.

We carry several designer brands like

Bella Notte, Pine Cone Hill, and Lili Allessandra

 who all come in the trendiest  styles to help make your bed a masterpiece.

Oh yeah and we carry plenty of those too.

To die for linens + spectacular beds = no sheep to count!