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We’re at that transitional time of year in the retail world and the real world too. Summer holidays slowing down, friends going back home, kids getting ready for school…warehouse getting stocked with new stuff for Fall… Best of all back to doing what you & me love most: making our domestic world beautiful! Here’ s […]

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Homage to the Au naturale

No one pays homage to the Au naturale like we do. Why? Simple. Easy. Neutral. Timeless. Make it personal and make it fabulous. Make it a focal point. Make it useful. Make it a great study area or bar. Make it stylish in your powder room. Make it ornate. Make it contrast with gold. Make […]

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Hot & Trendy

Since it’s summer we thought we’d bring you a little hotness… Hot as in what’s new and fabulous, something everyone wants but not many can find. It’s what we do!  Day in and day out we bring you plenty of traditional luxuries — most of which can fit seamlessly in anyone’s home. But we don’t […]

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If you are a frequent flyer at Laurie’s you’ve probably come to notice how dedicated we are to providing seaside-themed furnishings, accessories, art, lamps, mirrors…. you name it and we have it year round. BEACH INSPIRATION We have many clients who not only stock their beach getaways with the latest and greatest, but who also love […]

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