Since it’s summer we thought we’d bring you a little hotness…

Hot as in what’s new and fabulous, something everyone wants

but not many can find.

It’s what we do!

 Day in and day out we bring you plenty of traditional luxuries

— most of which can fit seamlessly in anyone’s home.

But we don’t like to leave out those who think a little

out of the box too.

Because everyone needs a large birdhouse in their home….

Seriously how amazing would this be with a

shiny christmas ball in each cubby?

or an easter egg? a candle?! pretty much anything?

the possibilities are endless.

Embellish EVERythiNG because a little bit of bling goes a long way.

Plushy, hairy pillows

We have even been known to cater to Narcissus.

But not just mirrors– very unique mirrors.

and mirrored chairs.

Accent pillows textured with ruffles that go on for days

Eclectic bench just amazing

Barrel pendant lights

much character

lots of patterns

more unique lighting

and if you need color….

we’ve got that covered too!