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Dance of the Bunnies

Like clockwork, every year we rap up Valentine’s just to make way for the dance of bunnies! The same week you see that first sprig of green or  flower bud — you just know Laurie has freed beautiful bunnies to roam the store and inspire your spring! With a wiggle and a hop– the cutest bunnies […]

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Glam it up!

A tiny bit of sparkle is worth  just enough dazzle to turn heads or make guests take notice of your posh home. It doesn’t take much — unless you’re Lady Gaga of course —  glitter, sequin, metallics, grommets, swarovski , just to name a few sparklies to glam it up. We have decked out the showroom […]

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I Spy Spring

By now I know you’ve had it with grey skies. To make matters worse— Punxsutawney Phil said 6 more weeks of winter! Lucky for us in Texas, this doesn’t mean much. Mediocrely cold and dreary maybe….blah! But Laurie’s is here to rescue you from your rut— you know we are always 1.5 steps ahead of the […]

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Home Furnishing Fashion

If you’ve ever noticed that each year fashion trends tend to coincide with those in home design– you have a good eye for detail! When you think about it…. colors, fabrics, coordinating, styling… Well it makes sense that it is one in the same. It’s that time of year—- when Hollywood sells their souls to […]

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Love You/Mean It Sale

  Love is in the air at Laurie’s… Not only did we put a couple of humdingers throughout the store to share the love but we also sprinkled it with lovely Valentine’s beauties to brighten up the bleak skies. Topped with chocolate bars Willy Wonka would be jealous of. What else could you wish for? […]

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