Laurie’s bedding sales give you much more than a chance to get delightful deals on pillow shams. You’ll also have the exclusive opportunity to stock up on amazing insights and wisdom from representatives from Laurie’s favorite bedding companies.




Our sumptuous bedding sale runs all day Aug. 10 and 11, with the savvy reps on hand from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on both days.

    Aug. 10 features Martha Means, the rep with Pine Cone Hill and Pom Pom

    Aug. 11 features Amy Chrane with Bella Notte and Martha Kean with Downright




Visiting our bedding sale in general makes sense for scoring sensational deals, and visiting while the savvy gals are on hand makes even more sense. Come on down and you’ll be privy to:

  • Wealth of knowledge
  • Undivided attention 
  • The trendiest lines, green products and the hottest updates from the most recent markets
  • Special promotional pricing for those two days only
  • Giveaways
  • Colossal savings on odds and ends in the bedding and pillow arena



Need more reasons to come on down for the sale? Meeting the trio of experts gives you three more big ones!

Martha Means grew up surrounded by fine linens, thanks to a grandmother who sold custom linens out of her River Oaks home back in the day. Currently the rep for Pine Cone Hill and Pom Pom, Martha has more than 18 years in the retail and wholesale linen business.





Amy Chrane has a background in design and a passion for Bella Notte and other fine linens, making her the perfect pick to represent the brand in Texas for more than 15 years. Her expertise in bedding meshes magnificently with her keen eye for home décor.



Martha Kean grew up South Carolina where cotton as king – only to end up 40 years later representing some of the finest cotton grown in the luxury bedding industry: Egyptian cotton woven in Italy and offered by Downright. After 26 years in the culinary arts, Martha has spent the past two decades selling luxury home textiles and accessories to design firms and high-end retailers. You may also remember her oh-so-fun beach bungalow.



Ready to chat with the experts about the perfect bedding for you? See you Aug. 10 and 11 at Laurie’s bountiful bedding sale!


What’s black and white and red all over? Most folks would answer something like their couches, chairs or other furniture that’s exposed to that thing called daily life.

  • Black is the fabric’s original color.
  • White is the fabric after fading.
  • Red indicates all the fabric stains, thanks to spilled juice, muddy paws and jovial wine sloshes.

Even if your fabric started out blue, purple or tangerine, you’re likely to end up with a faded, muddled mess. That is, of course, unless you give Sunbrella and Crypton fabrics a try.



What They Are

Sunbrella: Originally manufactured to withstand the salt, sun and other harsh elements in a marine environment, Sunbrella fabrics have kept their heavy duty magic while evolving into pretty-as-a-picture solids and prints you can use indoors or out. Sunbrella slipcovers can be speedily hosed down with a touch of soap – no worse at all for the wear.


Crypton Super Fabrics: These powerful fabrics are resistant to water, stains and even microbes. Hotels and restaurants have long been taking advantage of these super-duper fabrics, and now they’re available for your home, yard or any other furniture your kid may one day decide to decorate with a marker. Just wipe all that marker mess right off — and hand the kid an easel for good measure. 

Shop Sunbrella and Crypton fabric options at Laurie’s today!

Plants that are lush, thriving, blossoming or otherwise happy and healthy can make an attractive statement. But put those same plants in the perfect planters and your statement just went from attractive to downright amazing.


How to Pick the Perfect Planters

You have a number of ways to choose the perfect planters for your perky plants, and you can bet Laurie’s has enough planters to suit your exact style and taste.



Pick the same material or colors: One of the easiest ways to pick your planters is to choose a certain material or color family and stick with them the whole way through. 


Go for a style or theme: Contemporary, country cottage, minimalistic – select a certain style and then make all of your planters jive. You can also stick with planters sporting similar shapes: cubes, urns, tall and skinny, short and squatty.



Match the plant vibe: You know you need a planter that matches the plant’s size, but you can also match the plant’s overall vibe. Flowery plants, for example, could be matched up with highly decorative containers. 


Happy hodgepodge: Does a specific planter catch your eye, scream your name or otherwise make you want to buy it? Then do. Keep repeating this method for a hodgepodge of planters that provide a charming, personalized feel.

No matter what method you use to choose your planters, you can find planters galore at Laurie’s!

Thanks to yet another really old and really bad joke, we all know you can use banana peels to make slippers. But you may not know you can use banana leaf plants to make some amazingly awesome furniture.


What It Is

Banana leaf is a type of wicker that’s about 10 million times cooler than the ho-hum wicker that was such a hit several decades back. Instead of being forced to choose between one or two ugly standard wicker options, banana leaf wicker is versatile enough to add a bit of tropical flair to a wide range of styles and pieces.


Banana leaf plant fibers are first dried and then braided into a rope. The braided rope is then woven atop a chair frame, creating a highly sustainable, comfy and super-cool seat.


Banana leaf chairs come with bunches of options:

  • Dining chairs around your elegant indoor table
  • Casual, kick-back chairs around your outdoor barrel table
  • Backless barstools around your patio
  • Barstools with backs around your breakfast nook
  • Low-seated, high-back statement chairs that make a sensational statement just about anywhere


With proper care and outdoor placement under a covered patio, banana leaf chairs can last for years. Since their eco-friendly, earthy vibe isn’t something that goes out of style, you can actively enjoy them for just as long.

Get your banana leaf chair at Laurie’s today!

Come and shop this weekend for our oh-so-tasteful star spangled goodies. Scoop it up on Saturday and Sunday because we will be closed for Independence Day. We’ll be enjoying time with our friends and families and we hope you will too! 






You don’t need ill-fitting overalls to give your home a farmhouse overhaul. All you need is a quick hop, skip and jump to Laurie’s.

Farmhouse décor is hotter than a mad mother hen, and Laurie has her own special take on the country style. We serve up charming farmhouse flair with homey touches that add a quaint touch of sophistication – instead of the usual tacky plaid.



No hay bales.

No rusty tractor parts.

Just plenty of delightful décor to give your home a cozy, farmhouse feel.

Take a gander at just a few examples and you’ll see what we mean.

Farmhouse Dinnerware

Ever notice how food tastes 500 times more delicious when it’s served up on just the right plates? In this case the right plates are the same type you’d find at Aunt Millie’s in Nebraska. Except they haven’t been chipped, dinged or repeatedly licked by a hound dog named Sam.



Farmhouse Patterns 

You’ll be snug as a bug in a rug – or linens – with the farmhouse patterns on premium materials. Go for soft, sweet and soothingly comfy country colors and motifs.

Keep the farmhouse feel going with farmhouse-inspired clocks, jars, mugs, placemats or anything else that catches your fancy.

Skedaddle down to Laurie’s today, as our farmhouse décor surely won’t last until the cows come home!

Rain, rain, came this way.

Great for umbrella salesmen and outdoor plants.

Not so great for flooded-out furniture.

slosh on over to lauries

Need Your Things Replaced?

Laurie’s is the place. Our inventory changes more often than the weather, and almost everything is almost always in stock. If not here today, we’ll get it the next day or very soon.

Custom furniture for the discerning eye. Tables, cabinets and couches; chairs, benches and ottomans.

4H Table Bench

Tantalizing textures for the discerning touch. Linen. Wool. Cotton. Satin. Rugs that tickle your feet. Sheets that caress your body. Pillows that almost feel magical – and help you nap if we get more rain.


Delightful décor from ceiling to floor.

Whole-home revamps for those who are fed up, washed out and almost ready to scream.

Want a Total ‘Redo?’

Call Karen. For almost free you’ll get one of Laurie’s famous house calls with a visit by a professional designer.

New paint. New floors. New whatever you’re looking for. Almost an entirely new home.


Flood your water-logged neighbors with envy.

Bring the sunshine back into your décor.

Get rid of the squishy, soaked carpet.

Slosh our way in your galoshes. Head to Laurie’s today!

We’re still cleaning out the closets over here at Laurie’s, a process that led us to discover we have one heck of a peck of lamps. As with anything we want to sell pronto, we’re practically giving the lamps away at prices that’ll knock your socks off.



Big lamps, little lamps, fat lamps, thin lamps, high-end lamps from well-known companies: Aidan Gray, Uttermost, Design Gallery, Currey.


Lamps for your lake and beach house, lamps for your condo in West University, lamps for your home in the Woodlands. 

Lamps to transform any dreary room into a brilliant hangout – but come quick, as limited quantities are the name of the game.


Sultry Sale Prices:

  • What: Lamp Extravaganza  
  • When: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Friday and Saturday
  • Where: In our sweetly air-conditioned showroom





You’ll dig the lamp closeouts nearly as much as the tent sale – except this time we’re cool and comfy inside.

And lamps aren’t the only scrumptious sale items you can find, as we also have a new Rubbish Chuck!


Rubbish Chuck

You can only truly enjoy your lamps if you have somewhere to sit while basking in their glow. This week’s Rubbish Chuck lets you do just that, with two fabulous chairs that would be great with any dining room table.




Sultry Sale Prices:

  • Stately chair with cushion = $150
  • Studded chair with leather seat and back = $200

Lamps, chairs – and more – are all waiting for you at Laurie’s. Hope to see you this weekend!


Enjoy a big scoop of fun as you come to the kickoff of an unforgettable season. Laura loves using Red, White and Blue accents to set the store for one firecracker of a summer.

Come see all the new displays plus snap up a few of our “Made in America” closeouts.

Memorial Day • May 30, 2016 • 10AM – 6PM











When it comes to moving into a new house, most folks are lucky if they’ve unpacked at least half the boxes after three weeks. Not Kendall Nidoh. This gal took the fast track with help from Aunt Laurie’s House Calls, our mobile decorating team.


Kendall’s new house is thus deliciously decked out with a fresh, new look – in less time than it typically takes to figure out where all the light switches are!

How It Happened

Kendall didn’t mess around when it came to getting a new look for her new home. She stopped by Laurie’s one day, walked right up to Jacque at the front desk, and said four little words that changed her life forever: “Come to my house.”


What Happened

Jacque and crew headed to Kendall’s new digs, where a lot of furnishings had already been moved from her previous home. Seeing the furnishings already served as a great foundation, Jacque recommended items that harmonized with the existing pieces, along with new lighting options and fabrics that revamped the place brilliantly.


What Kendall Loves Best

Kendall was over the moon about the fabrics from Laurie’s that gave her old furniture an instant lift. She also liked how Jacque and crew recommended items that fit with her home, even if those items were available from sellers other than Laurie’s. One more plus? Her two cats, Boots and Slim, absolutely adore the place.



What We Love Best

A fainting couch automatically goes to the top of our list of favorite items in the world, especially when it’s covered with colorful fabric and perched atop a zebra rug.



The use of blue throughout the entire home is another highlight, from the lagoon-hued shag rug to the savvy striped chairs. And we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the fantastically unique touches: like the trio of hallway cat statues or the statement-making headboard.






Want to showcase your own home on our blog? Or want help turning it into a showcase? Either way, give Laurie’s a call today!

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