We admit it. We’re rug nerds. We revel in our rug love.

You can revel in it, too, at our first-ever, brand new rug launch.

  • The Magnolia Home Collection by Joanna Gaines
  • Sat. Nov. 5, Sun Nov. 6
  • All day long at Laurie’s

If you, too, are a rug nerd, you’ve heard of Joanna.


She’s on TV

You don’t have to be full-fledged rug nerd to know about Joanna Gaines. She’s one of the stars of HGTV’s Fixer Upper show. The other star is her hubby Chip. Additional stars are her exclusive line of rugs, pillows and throws. Stock up on her good taste at Laurie’s.


Instant home makeover

Did you know a single purchase can give a room an entire makeover? No, it’s not with a new floor lamp. It’s with a new rug. Go for a big one that stretches from corner to corner and you’ve just revamped the entire space. Get a smaller area or scatter rug and you can add a pop of color and interest with a single plop.


The choices, oh, the choices

We already clued you in that the rugs come in a wide range of sizes. And just wait until you see the different colors and patterns. We’ll give you a peek at some of the rugs in the Magnolia Home Collection. But we’re keeping others under wraps until you come check them out in person.

  • Brushstroke Collection: Hooked wool rugs – complete with that fringe we so adore. Bold yet tasteful colors arranged in geometric and floral designs.
  • Carter Collection: Hand-woven polyester. Stripes in subtle shades. As keen in a beach house as they are in a sophisticated living room.
  • Drake Collection: Hand-woven jute. We especially adore jute. And we adore the rich colors and contrasts even more.


Drooling already?

Come sate your love of rugs at Laurie’s!


Kiddie tea parties are cute. Buckingham Palace tea parties are probably stuffy as all get out. And Laurie’s Halloween Tea?

Well, that’s just something you don’t want to miss. Why not?

Because you know Laurie. And that means you know she’s brewing up all kinds of creepy, crafty and perhaps even crazy things to celebrate the ghoulish holiday.

Oh, before we forget. It’s at 2 p.m. Oct. 29.



And here’s what you’ll get when you come on down.

Spookiest Get-up Contest

Just like you have to wear a tux to those frou-frou events, Laurie’s tea requires specialized outfits.

Bewitching attire required. You’ll even get judged on it.

First, second and third-place contest winners go home with Laurie’s gift certificates. Top prize is a $150 certificate. Winners announced at 4 p.m. You knew you kept that 1960s bridesmaid dress for a reason! Slap it on and head this way.

Real Cheap Halloween Décor

When we say cheap, we mean massively discounted. Not chintzy. Get 50 percent off Halloween décor all day long or until it runs out. Whichever comes first. All that, and you still have two days to use the things this year!

Fiendish Food, Devine Drinks and Freakishly Fabulous Fun

When it’s Halloween Tea at Laurie’s, could it be any other way?

See you there!

Christmas in July is so over-played. How about Christmas in November?

Make that November 5 and November 6 to be exact. All day. Laurie’s.

christmas-open-house-2Christmas Spirit

Don’t be that tacky holiday host who pulls out the same-old, tired Christmas décor year after year after year. Please don’t. It’s so mundane. Even the grandkids are bored with it.

Spruce up your place with new Christmas stuff from Laurie’s. Quaint and charming. Sparkly and snazzy. Modern and magnificent. Whatever your taste, you’ll find it here. As long as your taste is good, of course. And as long as it doesn’t include giant plastic, light-up Santas.

All this happy holiday stuff is will be screaming your name at the open house. We can hear it now:

“Hey, [ENTER NAME HERE]! Buy me, buy me!”

Told you.

Ravishing Rugs


If sprucing up your home with Christmas décor isn’t enough, give your guests something else to rave about. Like…

A brand new rug!

For the first time ever, Laurie’s is introducing a brand new rug collection. Magnolia Home Rugs by Joanna Gaines. Same time, same place as the Christmas Open House.

New rugs. New décor. Happy grandkids. Amazed guests.

Christmas in November is pretty keen, no?

See you there!

Mesmerized. That’s a good word.


And that’s exactly what happens to people when they drop by Laura’s house to check out her Halloween décor. You remember Laura.

She’s our fall decorative tray master here at Laurie’s. Who doubles as our Halloween display master.

Her 5-year-old granddaughter, Valerie, heartily agrees.


Valerie is mesmerized by Laura’s Halloween cabinet. Stares at the thing for hours, dying to touch all the holiday goodies inside. Cute kid. And we can’t blame her – either for being cute OR staring at the Halloween cabinet.


Want to make your own mesmerizing Halloween displays?

Take some tips from Laura:

Do mix it up. Laura uses a mélange of vintage-y stuff and real antiques. But you can use a mix of this, that, the other thing. Metal, wood, handmade-looking and streamlined. Mix and match as you wish. Think of your Halloween décor as a big, fat trick-or-treat sack with a big, fat variety inside.


Don’t gross out your guests. Unless your home is being used as a set for a third “Evil Dead” remake, keep the gore factor low. Gory is garish.  


Do know you can be spooky without being gory. Spooky is spider webs on purple and happy skeleton rats. Gory is spider webs with dead flies dangling in it and red-eyed, live rats. Anything with fake blood tends to fall in the gory-garish category.


Do know you can be cutesy without being nauseating. Happy skeleton rats = just the right cutesy. Baby rats with orange bows and big eyelashes = nauseating. It’s Halloween, for goodness sake. You gotta have some creepiness involved.


Do feature concentrated collections. Laura’s Halloween cabinet is a prime example here. All the Halloween you can stand arranged in a central, handsome location.


And we know it works.

Just ask 5-year-old Valerie.

But you don’t need to be 5 to enjoy Halloween!


Grab a chintzy aerosol can of some pumpkin-cinnamon scent. Spray it freely throughout every room. Now sit back and gag.

That, our friends, is the WRONG way to bring fall scents into your home. But we got some aromatic ideas on the right way below.

Stove Simmer

fall scented simmer pot

Take your pick of cinnamon sticks, cloves, diced apple, oranges or other fruit and spices. Put your pick in a pot with water. Boil. Reduce heat to low. Simmer your way to la-la land.

Caution: Add more water to the pot as needed, or your la-la land will be interrupted by the fire department.

Wreaths or Garland

use garland or wreaths for fall scents

Add dried fruits and spices to add fall scents to a ready-made wreath or garland. Hang in areas where kids won’t eat it.

Caution: No matter how cheap you find them at the dollar store, do NOT add plastic pumpkin picks. But, if you’re looking for a great way to decorate with pumpkins, check out our how-to on decorative trays for Fall.


Pecan, Apple and Pumpkin pie fall scents from baking

Pump up your home with that fresh-baked smell. Go for fall scents with fall-inspired goodies. Pumpkin pie. Pumpkin bread. Pumpkin cupcakes with sugar on top.

Caution: Again, no plastic pumpkin picks.


fall coffee pumpkin spice latte

Coffee alone smells good enough to make you swoon. Add fall scents to the mix with a pumpkin spice latte and you can swoon with an autumnal theme.

Caution: Don’t drink right before bed unless you want to swoon instead of sleep.


fall scents from swan creek candle

So many choices, so little table space! Some of the most sensational fall scents, believe or not, can come from a glob of wax. Laurie is especially keen on citrus-scented candles, but we’ll let you pick any one you like.

Check out our fave candle brands like Allure, Aromatic, Himalaya and Lafco. Swan Creek is another one, with fall scents that include bourbon maple, whipped pumpkin latte and spiced orange and cinnamon – just to name a few.

Caution: It’s easy to overdo candles. Don’t. Unless you’re fond of that same gagging you got from the chintzy aerosol spray.

Happy autumn!


Fall platters are for sliced turkey. But fall decorative trays are for anything you want. Anything.

Pack ’em up with mini pumpkins. Pile on dried twigs and candles (as long as the two aren’t touching).

decorative trays

And decorative trays are so very easy to make.

In our videos, we create two different decorative trays in 15 seconds each!

OK, fine. It’s time-lapse stuff.

But you can whip up dandy decorative trays rather quickly. Take a few quick tips from Laura.

decorative trays for fall

Laura is our tray master here at Laurie’s. We bow to her during the autumn season.

Laura’s Rules for Decorative Trays

  1. Think of the tray as a giant puzzle. Move pieces around until you have no gaping holes. Gaping holes are ugly. Gaping holes will ruin the whole thing. 
  2. Go for an array of textures. A variety of colors. And don’t put two similar things next to each other, for goodness sake!decorative trays texture
  3. Start with one large anchor piece. Branch off from there.
  4. Create to scale, biggest mistake people make. Don’t put a dinky tray on a huge table in a wide room with high ceilings. Big rooms and big tables = big trays. Little rooms and little tables = little trays.
  5. Use a tray shape that mimics the shape of whatever it’s sitting on. Round table = round tray. Long ottoman = long tray. Rectangular shelf = c’mon, fill in the blank! You got this!
  6. Use sets of three for each item. Things always come in threes. Three makes a trio. Trios are good. You can break this rule without penalty. Just keep it in mind.
  7. Fill holes with picks, wreaths, and other sprig-ey things. See rule No. 1 about the puzzle.fall-trays-1

And remember, above all else, gaping holes are ugly. Gaping holes will ruin the whole thing. Enjoy!


Ahh… the fall color palette. Brilliant yellow. Vibrant orange. That-would-look-great-in-my living-room gold.

How many times have you gazed out at the brilliant fall foliage and said, “Hey, I wish I could look at those colors all year round.”

Let’s be honest, you probably first say, “Dang, I gotta rake this stuff up.”

But then you might take a moment to admire the colors.

Using fall colors in your home can be cool, or it can go totally wrong.

When It Goes Totally Wrong

uglyorangeroomNature is magic. That’s why all the fall colors work together to create one big, fat beautiful whole.

You’re not magic. You’re only human. And when humans try to put every single fall color in their home it creates one big, fat ugly mess.

A mess that gives you a headache, no less.

Imagine it. Bright orange carpet with intense yellow walls and brilliant gold cabinets. Ugh!

I’d rather go rake leaves.

If you must go for super-bright fall colors, pick ONE. Uno. That’s it. Try a single bright orange chair. A single brilliant gold throw rug. A single intense yellow bookcase. That’s it. Statement made. Headache avoided.


When It’s Cool

Another way to bring fall colors into your home is to pick a single color. One. Uno. And then pepper colors from that color family throughout your living space.

Let’s say you went with orange. No, you’re not going to put a bright orange chair in every room.

You’re going to select different thingamabobs in different shades of oranges for different parts of your house. We already know you can have a bunch of thingamabobs. And you can also pick from a bunch of different oranges.

The orange color family has members named:

  • Bronze, Burnt Orange
  • Carrot, Copper, Cinnamon
  • Gamboge, Ochre
  • Paprika, Rust, Tangerine

pantone fall color palette

Maybe a rust wall with a burnt orange arm chair or paprika ottoman could work. And you gotta use gamboge, just so you can feel all sophisticated when you tell people you have gamboge in your home.

Keep the base neutral with beige, grey, brown or greige, then have fun with all that rust, paprika, tangerine and, of course, gamboge.

Your home is much more than your haven. It’s an extension of your personality. And to ensure your personality really comes through in a way that works for you, you’ve got to find an interior designer that fits your style.


How do you do that? Not with random phone calls, blindly plucking a name off the internet or otherwise leaving the fate of your home up to fate. You can instead follow a few tips that can guide you to the perfect pick.

Give them samples of what you like: Create a Pinterest Pin board or collect tear sheets to provide the designer with an idea of what you like and what you’re going for.  

choosing an interior designer

Ask for samples of what they’ve done: A designer’s Pinterest account is a great place to strut their stuff. Ask to see it. Ask to see a portfolio while you’re at it, which they may have posted online for your ease and convenience.


Ask for their references: Get contact info for one to three of their fairly recent clients.

Actually call their references: Here’s where you want to find out what it’s like working with them: if they’re prompt, reasonably priced, open to suggestions and other qualities that will make your project a joy instead of a horror.


Make sure they are asking you good questions: At the same time you’re interviewing the designer, they should be interviewing you to ensure a good fit on their end. Good questions include things like square footage, existing decor, desired style and budget. Not good questions include things like dog’s name and shoe size.


ASIDlogoCheck Certifications: A degree in interior design never hurts, nor does membership in organizations like the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID), International Interior Design Association (IIDA), Certified Interior Decorators International (CID),  or certification from the National Council for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ).

One more tip is to make sure the person makes you feel comfortable. They are, after all, going be invited into your home!


Laurie’s is always excited when our décor adds just the right touch to any environment, but when that environment happens to be the Canopy Cancer Survivorship Center, the feeling goes far beyond excitement. That’s because the center, which opened July 5 at Memorial Hermann Hospital in the Woodlands, is a gorgeous haven for any and all cancer survivors.

Free Services, Phenomenal Support

Canopy says people become cancer survivors the moment they receive a diagnosis, and you don’t even have to even be a patient of the hospital to come into the facility. All survivors and caregivers are welcome to join the support community, where services and activities are absolutely free.




Visitors can take advantage of private counseling, group sessions, an onsite resource library, music, dance, art and other therapies, classes like knitting and gentle yoga, coffee and conversation, and a gentlemen’s card game. The center is for men and women to find physical, emotional, and spiritual support. Mentors are available to walk through the shock of recent diagnosis.




You can certainly understand why we were flooded with a mix of emotions when we were able to donate the furnishings and fixtures to the center. And when you combine Laurie’s decor with the incomparable talents of Mary Ross, you’ve got something really special.





Time, Talent and Vision by Mary

You may remember Mary Ross from one of Aunt Laurie’s Home Tours, and the custom home designer is a Laurie’s regular. Mary initially agreed to donate her time and talents to create a floor plan for the center, but she had a vision for it to be more.



As the photos illustrate, Mary’s visions are known to pan out into a glorious reality. From the chic classroom kitchen to the cozily couched community room, each area of the center boasts its own unique feel. The center as a whole exudes a sophisticated yet comforting vibe, coupled with a wholly welcoming charm.





Heartfelt Everything 

That welcoming charm is expanded even further through Canopy’s facility coordinator Amanda Poole. She truly has a heart for caring. Before coming to Canopy, Amanda spent time working with non-profit programs overseas. She spent one year living and working with orphans in Zambia, followed by two years in South America doing the same.





Combine Amanda’s caring nature with Mary’s talents, mix in a compassionate staff, enriching activities, and a powerful support network, and you get the overall feel of what Canopy is all about.



If you would like more information, would like to volunteer (front desk help needed), or would like to become an advocate (church and other groups welcome), contact Amanda at 713-897-5938.

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