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Organa Comforters and Pillows

Anyone familiar with the bedding company of Downright knows its stuff is downright luxurious. And this counts triple for the hotly anticipated products Downright introduced for 2016: Organa 650+ white goose down comforters and pillows A single caress of these soft, fluffy fabulous comforters and pillows, and we promise you’ll be hooked. At least that was the […]

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Make Every Day Shimmer

You know about the proverbial pot of gold that sits at the end of the rainbow, right? Well, there’s a spot kind of like that at Laurie’s. And you don’t even need a leprechaun to show you the way. We call this sweet spot the Game Room. It holds everything that sparkles, glitters and shimmers […]

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Grand Parkway Opening: Getting To Laurie’s is Easier Then Ever

With the opening of State Highway 99, we’re closer than ever to our friends in Sugar Land, Katy, Cypress, and… you name it. Isn’t that exciting?! Now you can zip on over to the freshest style in the greater Houston area. We thought they should name it the Laurie’s Expressway, but alas, politics… If you’re new to […]

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Fabulously Fresh for Spring

Credit for our sensational springtime displays goes to Laura, one of our store employees who obviously has a keen sense of style. And you can use some of her same techniques for sprucing up your own home in honor of the upcoming season. Friendly Neutrals  White, off-white and other lighter-toned neutrals play nice with any […]

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