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Rubbish Chuck Tent Event: Aidan Gray Lighting

Come meet the beautifully brilliant Aidan Gray at our upcoming Rubbish Chuck Tent Event. When: Thursday, June 26 & Friday, June 27 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Where: Out in our yard, of course Why: Because he’ll light up your life! (Sorry, we just couldn’t help ourselves.) Many of you already know Aidan Gray. He’s bright. He’s […]

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Sherrill Upholstery Tomorrow!

Oh you lucky ducks, another Laurie’s exclusive for our fabulous customers. Sherrill Upholstery expert Jon Marzolf will be at Laurie’s tomorrow from 11AM – 4PM. Come get advice and take advantage off 10% off custom special orders. Oh! and be sure to ask Jon about his precious new baby Charlotte and that infectious smile…  Laurie’s is the […]

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Rubbish Chuck – Birdbath

Rubbish Chuck Rubbish (n.) debris, junk, nonsense Chuck (v.) to throw, hurl or pitch away.   Splish, splash give the birdies a bath with yet another fabulous Rubbish Chuck. This unique and fully functional bird bath looks like a funnel but is really not. That means it will actually hold water instead of spewing it […]

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Why Laurie’s Love the Fourth of July (and You Should, Too)

  Break out the fireworks and grill – it’s time for the Fourth of July! While we can’t invite you for a barbecue (we don’t have enough burgers), we can invite you to come celebrate the loads of new arrivals and super-cool July 4th decorations here at Laurie’s Home Furnishings. If the over-the-top decorations don’t […]

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Virtual Make and Take – 4th of July

Happy Early 4th!! There are so many great DIY’s for the 4th of July that we wanted to give you plenty of time to do your favorites.  And this is just the tip of the iceberg!  Visit Laurie’s Pinterest board called Made in America for more inspiration. First off, cool everybody down with these layered […]

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It’s the Rubbish Chuck Tent Event!

For those of you who enjoyed The Mother of All Tent Sales, Laurie is still cleaning out! Don’t miss this miniature tent sale with accessories, pillows, rugs and art. Thursday and Friday only!  

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Thank You!

Thank you!  We get so many thank you cards it is overwhelmingly humbling! And it is our pleasure to furnish your homes and place of business. So for all of you who send notes, flowers, cookies, scarves, gift cards and so on.  Wow!  From the bottom of our hearts…THANK YOU. And a side note for […]

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Meet the Employees: Nancy

Who she is: Nancy Roberts What she does: Human resource manager, accounting manager, customer service manager, office manager – heck, just call her manager of pretty much everything not managed by Laurie. She’s also one of those fast-moving managers you’ll find flopped on the floor answering questions instead of behind some desk in a fishbowl […]

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Rubbish Chuck

Rubbish Chuck Rubbish (n.) debris, junk, nonsense Chuck (v.) to throw, hurl or pitch away. Have you experienced the joy of a white jar? You can with this week’s Rubbish Chuck. And what makes this white jar joyful? At 12” high, it’s the perfect size for: Dried flower arrangements Live flower arrangements Hiding your keys […]

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