Rubbish Chuck Rubbish (n.) debris, junk, nonsense Chuck (v.) to throw, hurl or pitch away.


Splish, splash give the birdies a bath
with yet another fabulous Rubbish Chuck.
This unique and fully functional bird bath looks like a funnel but is really not. That means it will actually hold water instead of spewing it all over your yard. Key features include:

  • Construction of some sort of galvanized metal (we think)
  • 10 inches wide and 11 inches high
  • Fake birds perched on the perimeter to entice real birds over to the bathing pool
  • Decorative chain hanger with handy hook for easy placement

Birds are good for the soul, as is the price of this dandy bird bath.

Original price: $32 each
Rubbish Chuck price: $20 each

Only two in stock – better flock to Laurie’s if you want one for yourself!


All sales are final. No Holds.
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