Break out the fireworks and grill – it’s time for the Fourth of July!

While we can’t invite you for a barbecue (we don’t have enough burgers), we can invite you to come celebrate the loads of new arrivals and super-cool July 4th decorations here at Laurie’s Home Furnishings.

If the over-the-top decorations don’t give it away, Independence Day is one of our favorite holidays. And we’re going to tell you why.

Top 10 Reasons Laurie’s Loves the Fourth of July

  1. It kicks off the onset of the lazy, hazy summer, complete with plenty of fun and sizzling sun – need some new curtains or blinds to go with that?
  2. We don’t have to scratch our heads for a home decor color scheme. Red, white and blue it is!
  3. There are so many sensational shades of red, wonderful hues of white and beautiful variations of blue.
  4. Solids and stars and stripes! Oh my!
  5. It gives us a chance to use those outdoor patriotic banner thingys we bought about a zillion of. Nice, no?
  6. Have you seen the Fourth of July bedroom scheme Laurie hooked up? Wow-ee!
  7. Cushy blue armchairs.4th_july_chair
  8. We can wear stripes without worrying about looking fat. Yes, even the horizontal ones. Holidays exempt you from any fashion faux pas, you know.
  9. Flag pillows. So cool we need to say it again. Flag pillows.
  10. Beans and burgers and barbecues (that’s really three reasons, but we’re running out of room!).

Don’t spend your summer cooped up in your house. Come join the fun (and check out the awesome new summer stuff) at Laurie’s.