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Laurie’s Inaugural Spring Fling!

Laurie’s Spring Fling is a three day extravaganza with Furniture, Food, and Family Fun. Don’t miss the Bonnet Contest, Baking Contest, Special Vendors, Bernie’s Burger Bus and of course photos with the Easter Bunny!

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If vanity is excessive pride or admiration of one’s appearance– then these vanities deserve to be vain. They are as drop dead gorgeous as they think they are. Just because your bathroom sink is useful doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Especially if you dress it up with one of the vanities waiting for you here […]

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Dash & Albert Rugs

No one knows exactly where the idea for rugs came from or why they came into vogue, but one can imagine their place in ancient homes. Warming the floor.  Serving as a welcome mat.  Perhaps perched beneath the food dish of early domesticated dogs. Somewhere through the years, the world fell in love with rugs. […]

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More Opportunity Buys!

Laurie has just tagged even more Opportunity Buys throughout the store. They flew out the door last time so get here fast! This is a small sample but there are many more not pictured including sectionals and dining chairs.

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Let Baby Live It Up

One, two, buckle your shoe. Three, four, shut the door. Five, six, get your picks… of the sweetest new nursery items at Laurie’s. Treat your little prince or princess to soothing blues, pacifying pinks. A spritz of bold gold on a pillow delicately embroidered for Baby. A lullaby in linen. All so fresh, sweet and soft […]

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The Scents of Spring

Close your eyes. Breathe deep. Float in the aromas.  Glowing with grapefruit, bursting with orange. Happy hydrangea. Graceful gardenia. You are invigorated. Enlivened. Enlightened. Refreshed. Your world is at peace and your mind is at ease. Inhale again. Open your eyes. It’s your home… but with potpourri from Laurie’s. 

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Blooming, Budding, Blossoming

“She turned to the sunlight and shook her yellow head and whispered to her neighbor: ‘Winter is Dead’.” – A.A. Milne, When We Were Very Young  The boxes are unpacked and every chick and bunny has scurried onto the shelves. Spring has sprung inside these walls! Climb out of this wintry haze and come find […]

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Your life will be captured in a million little moments. Laughter around the dinner table. A celebratory cocktail on the patio. Sleeping in on rainy mornings with breakfast in bed.  Laurie enjoyed such a moment catching up with Charlie at market over a cup of coffee. They share a common passion- discovering new ways for […]

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Goldilocks and the 3 Chairs

Goldilocks tried chair after chair… The first chair was too delicate. The second chair too pretentious. Finally, she tried her Aunt Laurie’s chair, which was just right. And every chair at Laurie’s is Just Right. We just unpacked Not just 3, but 10 styles of Newly Imported handcrafted intricately carved solid wood chairs. Perfectly sophisticated but […]

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