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Not at Eye Level

Most of the time we only see what’s directly in front of us— literally. Sure you have a good excuse walking from one end of the store to the other  and being mesmerized by so many fabulous vignettes at eye level! But if you are on the hunt for sophisticated and superior lighting – eye […]

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Colorful Experience

  We are live and in full color here at Laurie’s in Tomball! Whether it’s high color or neutrals…. come and let us delight your senses with the perfect shade of gorgeous! Lovely bedding in the “kitchen” and cozy chairs on the “porch” all topped off by the perfect accents throughout the store!    

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Mirror, Mirror

Wouldn’t you agree that most people like shiny, pretty things? Like diamonds and ferraris, mirrors definitely fall under the category of shiny and pretty. It’s truly a necessity – I mean  you gotta see those pearly whites every morning. Lots to make you smile around the store. Our Spring Event is over and just in […]

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Details, Details

It’s all in the details isn’t it? You may appreciate and love the way a room looks but isn’t it the little things that finish it off? The package wouldn’t be complete without  accessories like lamps, rugs, mirrors,  and art to bring it full circle. Speaking of accessories and details…we’ve got lots for you to […]

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