From time to time, Laurie’s will feature the home of a

local shopper to help give you a little peep inside what others are doing with some of her finer things.

For our 1st installment of “Welcome Home” Wednesday we will visit the home of

Laurie’s own photographer, April of April Pizana Photography in Cypress.

What is your color palette?

I try to stick with 3 basic colors and 1 neutral. For me- Lighter shade of green,

gold, and black. Cream is my neutral.

Console, lamps, art pieces, mirror, and Currey chandelier from Laurie’s.

What major influences does your house incorporate?

From the time  we moved to this home and began renovating in 2007,

I felt that it had a French Country flair about it.

Although I have been known to throw in an eclectic piece now and then- I mostly choose pieces that have a European feel.

I think it’s my passive-aggressive way of saying I want to go to Europe!

What is your approach to home design?

I’m not a designer/decorator by trade but I try to stick to some basics when putting my home together….

*Keep it simple

*Just because it’s beautiful does NOT mean it will work and that you should have it.

*For core pieces- invest in items that are classic and versatile for your space.

This comes in handy if you are making a major investment because you will be able to use the piece in different areas if need be.

*Match-but don’t Match! Coordinate pieces with different textures, variances of your color palette, size…but try not to match everything perfectly.

* Walk away from a piece for 15 minutes- and if you still love it after refreshing your senses — then you know it’s a good choice

(but beware buyer– if you are shopping at Laurie’s you might be in trouble b/c it’s possible that it just not be there in 15 minutes!)

* Finally, don’t be afraid to introduce trendy pieces into your design.

It’s these key elements that can bring a certain something that makes your room have a WOW factor.

Check back now and then to see more homes featuring Laurie’s products for “Welcome Home” Wednesday!