Elegance comes in many shades, colors, sizes, and budgets.

Whatever your style….make it elegant. Make it you.

You only live once (unless you’re Shirley McLain of course) so live well.

The old rules of  “darker paint will make a room look smaller” or

“oversized furniture will take up too much room” or

“you have to put everything in twos to balance”.

So many of these old “rules” we’ve all lived by.

Luckily we are out of the dark ages and elegance can now be defined ANY WAY you wish to define it.

Mixing colors or toning it monochrome, mixing polished mercury glass with weathered pieces,

and having only 1 vase on the mantle on not 2 — Oh MY — wearing white after labor day 😉

If you are in Texas you really can’t understand that one b/c we basically only have one season!

I digress.

So the new unrule is  YOU make the rules for what works for YOU.

If you like – get it.

Make it work.

Do enough of that and it will all just come together to make the perfect “unruly” and elegant home.