It seems there is a trend that I’ve noticed that takes place here at the store.

Day after day — you see mostly women come in — usually in groups of 2-3.

As soon as the door is cracked you hear the gasps, ooohs, ahhhs, and gawwwsh’s

only to look up and see eyes gazed with pure adoration.

Add to that lot’s of praying— oh my God  and holy cow….

And you can see why this would result in a bonding experience.

To see so many beautiful things in so much quantity put together with a level of sophistication

that is just not seen outside of a coffee table book.

It’s no wonder that some of our shoppers come in on their “girl’s day out” to spectate!

But it’s more than that.

It’s seeing that which aspires us to want a more beautiful home…a more beautiful life and taking your

BFF’s, daughters, mothers… along for the ride.

ok so enough sappy— let’s look at some gorgeous furnishings.

OH my God! Girlfriend– you will love it!