A little history is always fun…

so have you ever wondered why we hang

those bits of gold and silver trinkets at Christmas time?

True we’ve been known to carry quite an assortment of ornaments

but where does this tradition come from exactly?

Basically adorning Christmas trees dates back to

15th century Germany according to Hallmark Corp.

first beginning with fruit and pastries to symbolize Paradise tree in the church.

Then through the immigration of German families to

America the tradition spread and became more elaborate.

Later…F.L. Woolworth was reluctant to carry

these touches of whimsy but only 10 years later he went onto rake

a whopping 25 million dollars on them — even at 5/dime prices!

Flash forward a little more than a hundred years and it’s a staple in

any American Christmas diet and definitely one in ours!

So many choices… you can go natural, glitzy, colorful, religious….

Hark the herald angels sing!

Oh and there’s always the all-year kind of ornaments here!