Summer without the beach is like winter without fleece blankets. Or fall without crisp, orange leaves. Or spring without the robins. In other words, it stinks. And even if you can’t get to the beach this season, you can bring the beach to you with summertime décor from Laurie’s!



Our summer line of beachy goodies ranges from vintage swimsuit dipping bowls to throw pillows, totes and heron figurines. The only thing that beats going to the beach is recalling fond memories of it, your family and friends in tow – trying to avoid the undertow.

Splashy Memories

Water play was always spectacular play. Bobbling on a raft while some smarty-pants always tried to tip you off. Watching the hole slowly deflate the raft when you got snagged on a shallow rock or twig. Body surfing to the shore, mouth full of water, only to wash up with an itching that was a sand crab in your bathing suit.



Beach time was the only time you were allowed to get away with splashing family in the face without being grounded. Eating popsicles for breakfast and potato chips for lunch. Going barefoot wherever you wanted – although you tended to opt for flip flops on the burning hot sand.




If you really want to dive into a beachy vibe, keep your eye on our blog for the beach bungalow home tour coming up soon!

Bring your beach memories back to life – or make brand new ones. Head to Laurie’s for summer décor today.