It’s not just for cereal anymore!

A little snap-crackle-pop will do your home good.

A splash of color here and there to unify your favorite finds

and bring some excitement to a room.

Here we did this with a bit of orange & turquoise —

the hottest designer colors of 2012.

Leather is working that orange!

“Orange” you glad we have some sienna-colored lamps?!

We can’t leave out our seaside aficionados

who crave color…orange coral prints and accessories

are just what the designer doc ordered.

Mix and match to give back a weathered piece of furniture some life.

Multi-colored patchwork pillows give

some homey-ecclectic love to a neutral sofa.

Stacking boxes with whimsical print
are so fun! imagine tying orange burlap
ribbon around these at Chrismas right next to your
seascape tree!