Rain, rain, came this way.

Great for umbrella salesmen and outdoor plants.

Not so great for flooded-out furniture.

slosh on over to lauries

Need Your Things Replaced?

Laurie’s is the place. Our inventory changes more often than the weather, and almost everything is almost always in stock. If not here today, we’ll get it the next day or very soon.

Custom furniture for the discerning eye. Tables, cabinets and couches; chairs, benches and ottomans.

4H Table Bench

Tantalizing textures for the discerning touch. Linen. Wool. Cotton. Satin. Rugs that tickle your feet. Sheets that caress your body. Pillows that almost feel magical – and help you nap if we get more rain.


Delightful décor from ceiling to floor.

Whole-home revamps for those who are fed up, washed out and almost ready to scream.

Want a Total ‘Redo?’

Call Karen. For almost free you’ll get one of Laurie’s famous house calls with a visit by a professional designer.

New paint. New floors. New whatever you’re looking for. Almost an entirely new home.


Flood your water-logged neighbors with envy.

Bring the sunshine back into your décor.

Get rid of the squishy, soaked carpet.

Slosh our way in your galoshes. Head to Laurie’s today!