Remember Layaway?

Remember when you shopped like a smart cookie and

had all the kiddos Christmas presentsin July

…..paid for and wrapped under the tree

all without missing a beat or feeling the pinch?

Well Laurie wants you to have all your goodies in time for Christmas

just like the good ole days!

So here’s how we do layaway:

At 20% down and 3 months to pay

you could be roasting your chestnuts

right in front of that new sofa you’ve been wanting come December

without Santa ever knowing what hit him.

You know once the pumpkins show up–

it’s full speed ahead so start planning!

Get ready to turn the clocks back and have that extra hour to shop!

Bringing in the Fall!

 Perfect platters to celebrate Autumn.

Anything from Jan B would be happily received

for a special Christmas gift.

Better yet– why not  get one for yourself to

spruce things up for fall around your house!

Beautiful hand forged iron works masterpieces of art!

Looks like a couple smart cookies already got an early start!